Why SAP ERP is Chosen Over Oracle?

SAP been around for a longer duration than Oracle, it has significantly been adopted by the largest business community, and it has always been the smartest for incorporating as much as possible.

Whether your business is looking for an ERP solution from financial control to pre-sales, from quality assurance to production, from retail management to supply chain management and so on-there’s no other software vendor that can sell you an integrated solution covering the most complex interoperability between business units.

It is fairly true that SAP has higher price and complexity than other enterprise solutions. SAP and Oracle on the whole compete with each other in areas such as: business software as ERP, SCM, and CRM. The competition fades out in the area of database software. Overall, SAP has higher rate of installs then Oracle and if for your business, you should analyze your needs and the compare SAP ERP weight against cost.

If you find it difficult in making your decision then talk to Abacus Consulting that provides SAP solutions to leading business, they will assist you with your concerns and needs. In the meanwhile, here are few major reasons why SAP ERP wins over Oracle:

#1- First In Has First Mover Advantage

Of course SAP ERP came first. SAP was very well established as an ERP solution at the times when Oracle was establishing and developing itself as a financial package. Since SAP was first, therefore it got embedded into the space that had no competition at all, especially for some time. Being the first in, the company gets to build a support team after the implementation. The support team assists in supporting and upgrading the system from the same vendor.

#2- An Integrated Solution

Despite that it has already been addressed, it is still crucial. The core modules of SAP ERP were taken from the ground to be fully integrated. And if changes were to be made, for instance in finance, whether related to purchasing, projects, inventory, or sales, all other modules had to be updated as well. This integration was made as the foundation of systems, so with little or no effort this could be extended to other systems as well.

Oracle does offer spree of best of breed solutions, offering various products that can be cobbled together. It becomes tough for Oracle or any other enterprise to beat this integration.

#3- Word of Mouth

Some of the markets take SAP and ERP synonymous. In most cases, it has become a status symbol. Some follow the word of others and implement SAP solutions. Moreover, apart from the repute SAP offers good services.

#4- Support Base

SAP has a huge pool of consultants and developers because of a greater installed base. So, even if you have concerns and questions that require answers, Google can answer them for you. This is because; SAP is implemented worldwide with leading enterprises using SAP ERP for the business solutions.

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