Why Convert your Static HTML website to WordPress

Setting up a website is not enough. To truly compete in any given market, you need more than a few tricks up your sleeves in the games of SEO, UX, Performance, Conversion Rate Optimization, etc. What does any of it have to do with WordPress though, and why can the same not be accomplished with a plain ol’ HTML website?

Actually, everything can be accomplished on both platforms. The point is: which one makes your job easier.

There is more that can be done in less time with WordPress, especially compared to static HTML websites. It’s not just what your site visitors will find attractive (plenty of static HTML websites fare alright for their purpose), it’s about where your time, effort, skills, and resources will be diverted, and to what result.

Given here are a few reasons why WordPress will always be a better candidate than simple HTML for a website:

1. Update the Content with Ease

update content

Fresh and unique content is a key that can help you drive the attention of your web visitors towards your site. You can encourage users to visit your site by publishing informative and captivating articles.

Fortunately, WordPress gives you the flexibility to add or update your blog posts and web pages, without ever indulging in coding. You can change the content, images, and even videos of your site on a frequent basis to keep your site up-to-date.

Contrast that to content management on HTML website, and you’ll see how the lack of syntax and tags really expedites post creation and publishing: all without developer input.

2. Easy to learn

This is one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress.

WordPress is a super-easy content management system that allows a novice site owner to create and manage their site, without getting their hands dirty in coding. Yes, you heard it right!

You don’t need to learn programming languages, complicated technical terms and other codes for creating or customizing your business site. You can build a fully-fledged site from scratch, without the assistance of web developer or designer.

HTML websites, on the other hand, not only require you to learn (at least) the basics of hyper-text markup language, but require you to be able to work with them.

3. Search Engines Favor WordPress sites

WordPress is search engine friendly

The code behind WordPress is simple and clean that allows search engine crawlers to index your site’s content quite easily. It is optimized for search engines like Google right out of the box. But still you need some advanced SEO techniques for best results.

WordPress is loaded with plenty of SEO plugins that can help you improve the search engine ranking of your site. These plugins let you optimize the content of your site for search engines in no time.

There’s more consistency and solidity of structure in WordPress websites and Search Engines love that. This is why site owners with “high online visibility” at top priority want to jump ships and switch from HTML to WordPress.

4. Creating a Cost-effective site

WordPress saves both your time and money. You can create or update a new content on your site without even hiring a web designer/developer. You don’t need to outsource your WordPress site for small things such as publishing a blog post, images or videos.

Note: If you want to add complicated features or web design into your site, then you need to hire a reliable WordPress developer.
The cost itself is a huge detriment in today’s HTML websites, where you constantly need to put in money and resources to be able to maintain it. WordPress websites are infinitely easier to manage, with plenty of tools and resources available that anyone can put to use if they applied themselves a little.


WordPress is a great tool that lets you create, manage and modify your site with ease. These points can help you in deciding whether you want to convert your site from HTML to WordPress or not.

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Lucy Barret is a trained WordPress developer working with HireWPGeeks Ltd.and handling all HTML to WordPress conversion projects. She is also a blogger and loves to write articles mostly related to WordPress.

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