Top iPhone Apps You Aren’t Using Yet – Get it Now

iPhone users, mostly the new ones, are often found complaining about its scarce app store and nothing worthy of use except for a couple of apps which serves their purpose. Well to their surprise, iPhone has managed to develop many useful and productive apps and have uploaded them to the app store for their users to get these apps download and enjoy using them. Here in this article, we will be bringing some of the apps which the apple users, well most of them haven’t yet even heard of. After reading this article, many apple users will get to know many amazing and user-friendly apps which a user can download and enjoy.iphone-apps

Top iPhone Apps:

Mentioned below, are some of the best apps which can be downloaded for both, the utility purposes and for entertainment purposes as well. Let’s have a look:

1. Signal:

We have indeed heard about one of the most famous android app, which goes by the name of “Whatsapp”. “Signal” is a messaging app identical to “Whatsapp”. The point which gives an edge to the former one is, no matter whether you send a text message, an audio message or any picture, the entire communication between all then nodes involved will be encrypted. The messages you send or receive will be end to end encrypted and nobody except you yourself, upon giving a special code, can view the original message and it also has been made sure that in the case of any intrusion, the message will be sent back to the original sender. It’s really an easy to use and a productive application.

 2. Slidebox:

If you are a selfie maniac and have a large collection of photos in you phone’s memory, Slidebox is the app you will be needing. If you want to sort your photos in any matter whatsoever, just select the photos and with the help of swipe-driven user-friendly interface, open the photos in this viewer and there you have it, your complete photo collection along with the background music and changing screen colors in the background. An additional feature this app comes with, you can send or email the whole photo collection over the internet to any friend and you can also save the photos on cloud storage.

3. Word Flow:

Latest concepts have laid the basis of increased user experience and nowadays applications are being developed in a manner, so as to increase the usability of the app. “Wordflow” is such an application which gives you a chance to type and select the words in an interactive manner. It shows the keyboard in a radical manner thus giving the typing experience an advanced and a classy look.


No matter which operating system you go for, today is the day of remarkable technology breakthroughs. The wall of separation between various operating systems has been much reduced by interactive applications being developed every day.

In a nutshell, if you are an iPhone user, don’t get worried as there are plenty of amazing apps out there on the app store. You need to browse and find the right app which serves your purpose well.

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