Top 10 Upcoming Technologies that Can Change Your Life

World had no more technologies before 2000s, That’s why life was the name of struggle, But after that, It became a trend to make inventions. Today there are couples of existing and upcoming Future Technologies in the world, Which has changed our life to a luxury mode.

We’re connected with a global information system, Which is integrated with our lives, So we’re sharing some new upcoming technologies, Which through your life can be change within the next decade. Let’s visit something unique Future Technologies here;upcoming medical technology

  1. Brain Controlled Computing:
    Its an interesting device, Which through a developer, engineer or a common user can control through its brain, As said an Intel researcher Dean Pomerleau that’ Eventually people may be willing to be more committed, to brain implants, Which through you’ll be able to browse the web with the power of your own thoughts. Using this technology, It’ll possible for us to do anything with our thoughts, As disable persons can move wheel chair just with their thoughts.
    brain control computerbrain
  2. Luxury Air Travel:luxury-air-technology
    Its another technology, Which can change your life, As you can do everything in Aeroplane, Which you want to do on earth.
  3. Video Game:video-game-technologyUSA video game technologyvideo games technology
    These types of Children Video Games will must play the mature people, As nobody can feel boring with using 3D Video Game Technology.
  4. Cell Phones Operation within Motion:technology for cell phone
    You cannot ignore these types of latest cell phone technology news.
  5. Card less Credit Cards:credit card technology
    Just like that, Google is also providing its own credit card application, As you know; Through Google wallet, You can use your Cell Phones for Shopping, Which will make credit cards an old technology.
  6. Fresh Water from Air:
    Its an atmosphere water generator, Which converts air into fresh water. Its name is Watermill invented by Johathan Ritchey.
    You can use it to convert air into fresh water, Which cost is about 3 cents/liter. Basically he invented the watermill for those areas, Where pure and fresh water is not available easily.
  7. Vein Identification:
    It’ll another latest technology, Which can use for security purpose, As its a Bio-metric identification system, Which identify the vein pattern of human hands.

    Vein Identification System can help govt. and private security sectors to identify thieves, Beside of, It can help in medical science for doctors.
  8. Super Faster Motor in the World:
    Power electronics has developed a new motor, Which can spin one million revolutions per minute in its excess, Now scientist are sourcing to make it more reliable using within other devices.
  9. Screen less display:
    Anyone would be use 3D projected image in the space to capture a screen less display, Also can use 2D projected image, Which you can use anywhere, Where it can be useful.
  10. wearable electronics:
    Using body adopted wearable electronics, People would be able to track information about their body health. People can wear these devices on their body, bottom the clothes to check their heart rate & stress rate etc. It gives feedback about your health after specified time frame.

Please mention here, If you know more about some new upcoming Future Technologies in the World, So that we also might get its benefit.

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