Threats in Online Buying – How to Build Trust

The online buying and selling in Pakistan have recently progressed with a blink of an eye. Although, still a new concept, but with the passage of time people are accepting the benefits of online buying and selling. According to a source, an estimated numbers of Internet Users in Pakistan are 25 Million, which is more likely to increase to 30 million internet users in upcoming years.  The internet users in Pakistan are mostly young adults, making them a 70% of the total internet users. This is the fact why we witness a sudden rise in online shopping business. According to unconfirmed sources, a huge sum of amount, as high as US$30 million was spent on online purchases in Pakistan, and it is expected to go even higher. While online shopping can be convenient and fun activity, few security aspects must be taken into consideration to ensure that your money and information stay safe.


Credit Card Frauds

Credit Cards are widely famous for buying stuff online when purchasing online; there is a chance that the credit card details will go in the hands of a wrong person. It is somehow, the biggest concern for online shoppers. If you are new to the world of internet transactions, then you are more likely to get trapped in online scams. According to statistics brain, the total amount of credit card fraud worldwide is reported to $5.5billion. Pakistan is a country where online transactions are blocked by default. It is not possible to use credit or debit card for online shopping. To make online purchases, you have to first get your card activated through phone banking.  Due to its sensitivity, the bank does not take any responsibility in case of misuse of the card.

Possible Threats in online Buying

Unreliable Website:

Purchasing from an unreliable website can lead to credit card fraud. If you are on a site that is not SSL certified or asking for more than regular personal information, the bell should ring. Another way to check website’s credibility is by reading website content and if it is making sense or not. If you find bad grammar and spelling errors, chances are the people aren’t serious or can compromise your information.

Asks for Billing Info before you buy a product

When purchasing online, always look for the cost that is being charged separately to you before giving away your credit card details. You must look for:

  • Return policy as returns can be costly.
  • Check for warranty and defected product policy.
  • Delivery cost.
  • Check site security seal.
  • If Getting billed before or after delivery of the product.

Carefully read the privacy policy and look for security seal

Reliable online shopping sites are usually open about how they collect your data and what they do with it. Look for privacy policy and carefully read every word of it.

Ideas on how to build brand trust

Trust is the vital factor in the growth and success of any business. Before you allocate an enormous amount of money in your brand marketing budget, build confidence and invest your efforts in gaining people’s confidence in you.

Stay positive to customer’s negative review

Every day can’t be a perfect day. The more you get popular, the more you invite haters. Be prepared for the opposition to any level and try to come up with a positive approach to deal the negativity. Don’t get discouraged and distracted. Your courteous approach towards any issue will win the hearts of your loyal customers. For example, McDonald’s recently started a “Kitchen Tour’ where customers are openly invited to visit their kitchen and check the food quality they serve.

Don’t Compromise your reputation

With great success comes great responsibility. Never compromise on your brand’s reputation with low quality products and replicas., online shopping website in Pakistan and has a variety of goods, and their quality is what sets them apart. If a customer is returning to your online shopping site or is giving a positive review about their experience with you, it means you are conquering their hearts with your business.

Use word-of-mouth to build trust

A trust can also be established by the word of mouth strategy. Share positive customer reviews on social media forums. Customers trust your brand if they see their close ones do too. For example, Red Bull creates events to build word-of-mouth.

Sell Happiness

With so many ups and downs to face in life, one can easily get trust and attraction of buyers by selling happiness. Offer super discount deals, special occasion deals, buy one get one free offer and different other creative ways to attain trust and loyalty.

For example, Coca-Cola launched a personalized campaign for its consumers in Pakistan during T-20 World Cup. The bottle covers were colored green.


Buying online can be a little scary. You never know what evil hackers are out there ready to grab your personal digits. Good amount of research is the best tool when it comes to avoiding the problem with online shopping and providing personal information. Online shopping is something you can’t resist so always prefer to order from reputable stores with good history in serving their customers.

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