The Best Fuel Saving Cars for You-On Pakistan Roads!

In Pakistan to run a car on its roads, you need to be specific about quite a few things and not just the looks. The majority as we know buy cars that can save up on fuel as well. And we know why- the fuel prices in Pakistan are never good enough to over look this concern. You need a car that is fuel saving!

We always suggest you to buy cars from online sites such as Motor Traders or we know when you to head a dealer, you will get trapped in their selling techniques than your own concerns. But more important than the selling person, it’s important for you know everything about the car in

Now, if your interest is fuel saving car for your ride then go through our list of top picked fuel saving cars, according to their mileage. We are saving your time and letting you buy what you want.

#1- Chevrolet Spark EV 48 km/h

Chevrolet Spark EV-48 is a brilliant creation with a 1 speed automatic transmission system that powers the car with 130 horsepower. You will have 4 wheel anti-lock brake system with automatic air conditioning, air bags, cruise control and Abs traction. It’s liked around the world as well for providing fuel efficiency of 48 km/h.

#2- Toyota Prius 26 km/h

This car doesn’t just feel and look good, but it also offers excellent fuel mileage. You will see the roads already populated with Toyota Prius, it has 1.8l engine and powers 134 horsepower. Toyota Prius covers 60mph in less than 9.8 seconds; it travels up to 26 km in one liter, 5 passenger seats, and is spacious. It has proven to be a great economically family car.

#3- Toyota Corolla 12km/h

It’s the most famous car and still maintains the fans base. Apart from its repute and commitment of providing better service over and over, it has even improved the on the efficiency and drive by adding 6 speed manual transmission system. The shifts are crisper; valvematic addition is for more power and less torque, fuel mileage of 12km/h and the car itself. Nothing can get better than this.

#4- Toyota Vitz 10km/h

Toyota Vitz, the car that speaks loud for itself, comfort, speed, and an excellent look. It has 1.0l engine but is nothing less than 1.3l or 1.6l cars. You will find this car classic with spaciousness with fuel mileage of 10km/h.

#5- Nissan Mocco 13km/h

The 4 door cute car that is 660cc engine but fuel efficiency of 13km/h. Nissan Mocco offers automatic transmission framework based and R06A engine with DOH 3 chambers and 12 valves.

If you have a small family and something economically comfortable, then Mocco serves right. Plus you will find great range of classy colors.

#6- Honda City 16km/h

Honda City is a beauty that catches every rider’s eye. It’s a perfect fit for those that have a family and for those who want to impress their dates. It perfectly saves fuel with a mileage of 16km/h and no match to price, efficiency, and of course speed.

#7- Honda Civic Hybrid 18km/h

The most loved car since decades. Its fuel consumption was an issue but that has been fixed by Honda and the Hybrid beauty gives an average of about 18. It’s an impressive car with great feedback and we will always recommend Honda.

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