Samsung Galaxy Note7 becomes nightmare for Samsung Company!

Samsung Note 7 Banned in Airlines!

It is to notify you that Samsung Note 7 is yet to be launched in Pakistan. PIA premiere and PIA flights didn’t allow passengers to charge their cellphones during flight.

Let’s See; How Samsung Galaxy may burn during it’s Charging and What are the other facts for it’s down market, Which make the reason that PIA warn their passengers about it.Image result for Pia bans note 7

Image result for Pia bans note 7This was announced under a rumor that most of the Note 7 split while charging due to faulty rechargeable lithium batteries, and is said that a vehicle was caught on fire because of it. PIA also notified passengers for not bringing Note 7  and not placing them in their checked luggages.Image result for note 7 exploding

PIA is not the only unique airlines which banned the use of Note 7 in the flights. before PIA, Indian, Austrailian and UAE and many other airlines as Jetstar,Virgin and Qantas airlines banned the use of note 7 in their both international and national flights.

Note 7 Explodes!

They tell them not to use it. Many lives has also been the victims of this faulty release. 2 days ago a 6 year old kid in brooklyn dies because of the Note 7 explosion.

Samsung also announces the worlwide recall of the Note 7 wherever it is released and postponed the release date in other countries.

In Pakistan, the Samsung company extends release date for note 7  and all of the prepaid orders are cancelled. Samsung states that they are working on the problems of Note 7 and will repair the problems caused due to battery effect.

Jeep explodes due to faulty lithium battery of note 7!

Nathan Dornacher returns from a yard sale to a hotel room in australia. He left his phone on charging with his air conditioner on and went in his room for placing the newly purchased desk inside the house. He informed us on facebook telling that he was heading to PetCo with his dog and bonnie.

He then went towards the jeep  for grabbing his Note 7 and charger because “me and lydia always fight over the house charger.”The Moment he opened the door was the moment his family jeep was on blaze. Firemen were able to cool down the jeep. It costed Mr. Dornacher $1800 AUD and he Image result for note 7 explodesclaimed the phone online as this incident happened only within 48 hours. Samsung stated that they are aware of the incident. ” Guess it time to get a lawyer. You had your chance.” Mr.Dornacher states.

Angry Social media users!

people all over the social media are set on rage and all of the NOte 7 buyers are sending their burnt Note 7 pictures.

This loss has COST Samsung more than $ 1 BILLION AUD(750 million pounds converted)

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