How to Use G-mail Account as Your Virtual Hard Drive

Gmail is a main and useful product of Google, always leaded by common person and especially by low experiences bloggers as well. World consider this email platform is a safe inventory to secure your data that sent by your dears or others to you. Well, no doubt about it. This is securest web area for anyone, in which we can import any kind of document there.

Let’s talk in-depth How to Use G-mail Account as Your Virtual Hard Drive.Gmail-as-Google-drive

Creator of Gmail (Google Mail), Paul Buchheit.

Paul Buchheit was born in United State of America (USA). He completed and finalized his education from Case Western Reserve University. He is worth to do programming in low language very well and basically he is an expert programmer and a software programmer as well.

After completed his education he found a job Intel Company and latterly took place in 23 employed workers at Google. After became a worker in Google, Paul Buchheit planned to make an emailing area for Google. He started his dream plan in 2001 and finalized and given general peoples heaps of happiness to provide a free emailing source for free. He wrote this online software in back end of JAVA, JAVA SCRIPT and in Ajax too. However he performed many unexpected thing in the world of internet. But after created his dream online emailing area for us, he leaved Google in 2006. He won the economist Innovation award in the field of Computing and telecommunication in the year of 2011 and along trillion of people heart too. This was just a small bio or story of one of our hero, We discussed about the creator of Gmail, Paul Bechheit, let’s talk about Gmail and come to our main topic this article worth to talk about his online software.

Gmail (Google Mail)

Gmail known as Google Mail or its nick name maybe electronically mail service. Simply mean this technology works by electrically path. The thing that has bit of current or electrical or even virtual electrical substance, Gmail can be accessed by that. Gmail came into market in April 1, 2004 and became available for common users for free. By initial storage limit it offered you to used only 1 GB within single account. But now this technology became apple of one’s eye and now it gives permission their user to upload or import unlimited and heaps of data there, as for future uses if we want to.

Use your Gmail account as a virtual Hard Drive

Are you worrying because your disk drive capacity is not enough and fulfilling your desire? Take no tension. Why you are worrying, have you used your free Gmail account GB’s? What? Is it possible? Is the Gmail account been worth to share your online account space into your disk drive?  YES! You can export the space of your Gmail account into your PC and make a new hard drive for any uses. Are your mind felling into chaos and start rumbling? Are you thinking this is fake trick till yet? No. If you’re thinking the trick I am going to share with you all is fake, yours thinking is wrong.

You only knew and heard about Gmail that this is only for receiving and sending data purpose, But if you do not use your account fairly or just use in very little amount of time, like if you open your account in 3-7 days; you ought to use your free GB’s. I mean you should deposit your account remaining space into your Hard Drive.

Now the very first thing you have to do, download software called Gmail Shell Drive. It will automatically create a virtual hard drive for you, once you download and install it, Named your virtual drive as Google Drive or something similar like this. So, let’s begin to create virtual drive by Gmail and setup your free hard-drive space via cloud as never before.

Download: Gmail Shell Drive

Once you open the rar file and double click on setup.exe, I want to say double click on your main setup file and after that automatically Google Drive will create. No need for any technical or complex work to do to setup your virtual hard drive.
Once your hard drive created successfully, you can easily open your virtual drive (Google Drive), Where the software ask your permission and verify your permission to import your account space to your hard drive. Just you need to put your email address and password. Then, you can grab any file there, as you want and use free 15GB of your files.


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