How to Receive Online or Offline Payment in Pakistan

Many Pakistani are doing job in other countries, So they send payments to their family, Beside of’ Pakistani Freelancers doing online jobs to earn money, So they want to get paid online.
There are many online and offline ways to Receive payments in Pakistan, People who know about internet are receiving payment with online payment gateway such as;

  • PayPal (with limitation in PK)
  • Skrill
  • Payoneer
  • WebMoney
  • Payza

You can learn more about: Online Payment Gateway in Pakistan

I think, 60% people don’t know about Online Payments, So they use offline payment systems to get paid in Pakistan, such as;

Wire Transfer:

Bank Transfer is an online source to get paid in Pakistan, So Mostly people are using wire transfer to collect payments in Pakistan, But people who don’t know about online banking also can use this method to collect payments, Where you just need to provide some details as mentioned bellow;

  • Title of your bank Account(Your name for personal account and Business name for business account)
  • BIC (Bank Identification Code) commonly know as; Swift Code
  • Type of Account
  • Bank Address

Most of banks are connected with swift network through a correspondent bank , Who work on their own behalf, So anyone can receive his payments within 2 to 5 business days, But I’ve experienced, It may quick within seconds from some countries like; UK, USA, AU, If the sender is using online banking to pay at your IBAN (International Bank Account Number, Which you can ask from your bank to get paid from other countries.

Western Union:

In this system, one can send money at your name on NIC and provide 10 digits of MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and you can collect payment providing MTCN with a copy of national identity card.

Money Gram:

It’s same like western union, So you can easily get paid from individual person or company in foreign countries.

I know; people also want to buy some products from China, USA, UK and other European countries, Beside of’ Companies are selling products at their online stores in Pakistan, Which foreigners want to buy in regular or bulk quantity in shipment, Where mostly we’ve to use TT and L/C for dealing in regular or bulk quantity products with Suppliers in China and some other countries in the world.


It’s Telegraphic Transfer, Which is easy and simple wire transfer to pay someone. Usually T/T payments are being sent in advance for small quantity delivered by the air, Because the supplier send the customer’s bill, invoice and packing details with the shipment to clear the customs and other matters like that, But there’s a risk in this type of payment, In case the supplier is not honest man, As importer cannot claim a refund for any type of damage.


It’s a Letter of Credit, Where the importer opens the L/C for the supplier through an International bank. L/C opening bank sends its information to the supplier bank and supplier bank informs the supplier about L/C, Who checks it with all decided terms and rules and arrange the shipment, If all set, The captain issues a clean bill about shipment to the supplier, Who submits it to his bank. The supplier’s bank sends the clean bill to the importer’s bank, Which informs the importer about it.

The importer pays and gets the clean bill, Which is necessary to clear the shipment from customs after arrival on the sea port, As L/C is usually used to import bulk quantity via sea, Which may take 2 to 3 weeks.

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