How to Optimize your Blog to Get Traffic From Search Engines

When it comes to optimize your website, there are many ways to do. Basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simple meaning is to get high rank on Search Engines for a particular websites or blog to maximize the number of viewers, by ensuring a particular websites in high results or in first page of any Search Engines. If you correctly optimize your website then you can get appear in first page of Search Engine using Specific keyword and after that no doubt you’ll generate organic and natural traffic from all Search Engines.
As you know, trillions of people search in various Search Engines to find their answers or other data. World use Search Engine like Google or Yahoo mostly. We also can consider these both Search Engines as library. Many of people say, they have quality article but they cannot able to generate even 100 views a day. Why? Because sometimes people do not submit their website in Google, Yahoo or other Search Engines lists.seo to get more traffic on site

Listing in Search Engines is like a book. Suppose, if you have any book. In the first page of your book, you’ll see a title as “Index”. Indeed, index shows all of chapter name that are present in your book. So, here Search Engines is like a book. And your content title is a chapter name. So, you can think, if Search Engines have not your website in their list, how can you show in Search Engine results and if this not happens how you can get organic and natural traffic for your website or blog? If you want to index your website in Search Engines, add your website URL in all links below.

Google Engine.

Google is the largest Search Engine in the world. And never lose their popularity yet, So this is very important. You must submit your website for indexing in this Search Engine. Almost 60% of your traffic will generate by this Search Engine. Before going to submit your website for indexing, you have to log in with your own Gmail account.

Click here to submit URL  to Google.

Yahoo or Bing Engine.

Maybe you do not know Yahoo and Bing have joined now and become partner now. So, once you submit your website in Bing. Yahoo will automatically receive Bing data and also show that website. Both are also a very powerful Search Engine after Google, this is compulsory to index your website by them as well. In this Search Engine you also have to log in with Hotmail account so, you can submit your website in Bing and once you submit your website in Bing. Yahoo will also submit your website link in their index list too.
Click here to submit URL to Yahoo & Bing.


Yandex has not got more publicity in Internet yet. But sometime it also gives you little bit traffic. Yandex is the last Search Engine indexer in our list. We cannot give you satisfy guarantee it will give you more traffic a day. Because this Search Engine is not being more popular so, if a Search Engine who does not earn more visibility, how can it popular your website? Maximally it will give you 1,000 a day. But on that time if your website became much populated. Anyway, if you want to add your website in this Search Engine then, you should open an account in Yandex and after created just put your website URL being entered Captcha if needed.
Click here to submit URL to Yandex.

Google Webmaster Tools.

After submitted you website in above three Search Engines, you should join Google and Bing Webmaster tool. You don’t need to access Yandex webmaster tool. I will write a complete guide about Google and Yahoo web soon.
So, first sign in with Google account and go to Google Webmaster tools. After that click on add a property but before do it first index your site in various Search Engines that I’ve mentioned above . After clicked on ADD A PROPERTY, a pop-up box will appear and you have to put your full website address there. After add you website you’ll automatically fall into your that website dashboard that you’ve added. So, flinch from there and redirect to main page of Google Webmaster Tools. There you’ll see the diagram of homepage of your website and on the left hand side you will see “Manage Property”. Just click on that and two menu will appear there. One of “Add or remove users” while the other is for “Delete Property”. Anyhow click on “Add or remove users” after clicking on that tab, you’ll see your email below and above you’ll see “Manage property Owners”, click there and after that click on “Verify using a different method”. After clicking on check on the tab as “HTML tag” when you do it, a code will appear. Just copy whole of that and paste after your tag, & click on verify below to verify your ownership with Google Webmaster.

If you think why you should access Webmaster tools then, the answer is this is the secondary dashboard of your website. Primary dashboard of your website is that dashboard where you create your website on. Like on BlogSpot or WordPress. Any way I will discuss elaborately on Bing and Yahoo webmaster tool soon, As I informed you already Bing and Yahoo became joined now, So you can configure your website for both Yahoo and Bing Search Engines by just configure in one workplace of Bing Webmaster Tools. In this Webmaster Tools you also have to verify your ownership. In order to verify your owner ship, first log in with your Hotmail account and jump to Bing Webmaster Tools {}. After that click on “Configure my site”. Once you click there drop down box will appear, and one of them tabs click on “Verify Ownership”. After click on that, see at Option 2. In Option 2 a Meta tag will appear, this is also similar like Google. You also have to copy Bing Webmaster Tools Meta Tags and paste below your tag. That’s it. You’ve verified your ownership.
Now Submit your Sitemap. What is sitemap? The sitemap is an extension that allows webmasters to inform Search Engines to tell them which URL is to index or which not to index.

How to submit Sitemap?

First go to Google Webmaster Tools and click on a particular website on which you want to add sitemap. After that click on Crawl and click on “ADD/TEST SITEMAP”, a pop-up box will appear paste below lines there. atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 Mean by above code, you have licensed to write 500content, if you will cross more than 500 articles. Then, just change 1 instead of 501 from above xml code. Mean Google Bot will accept maximally 500 articles from above code. Once you crossed 500 article just change 1 to 501. That’s mean Google will crawl your content from 501 number of article. You can also do same work in Bing webmaster tool to optimize your blog or site to get more traffic.

Thanks for reading my whole article and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Bye for next time.

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