How to Make Money Online by Blogging via Google Adsense

You may have heard about making money from internet But what really is possible making money from the Internet at home and also from lawful tricks? Then, the simple answer is “YES”. Now earning money from internet is not like a dream but its reality. The only thing is that if you need the right skill about make money online. Then you also can make money online too, like others. You just need an Internet connection and a system to perform your works on. Many people expect to make money from some fake websites. Once they robbed by frauds, they think that the idea of making money from Internet is fraud.adsense in pakistan

Requirements to make money from Blogging.

  • A computer or other machines.
  • An internet connection.
  • At-least basic experience about English language.

There are so many ways to make money online. But in this article we’ll online discuss about making money by Blogging. In the beginning when, people just write simple articles and by that reason, they cannot earn good money and people passion getting low and finally they leaved blogging, But I know people who write for Information technology mostly and earn unexpected money with their website or blog. To earn money from website or blog, we have to connect Google Adsense or other advertising program with our blog or website.

Google Adsense is an advertising service, putting advertisements on our blog or website and pays us, once they get click on advertisement that appears in our website or blog. Usually after created a new website or blog you cannot create a Google Adsense account. You can apply for Google Adsense only in one case, if your blog or website get three months old. Sometime it happens you cannot get Google Adsense account even if your blog or website crossed 3 months so, you should not dis-heart for that reason and keep works on your website or blog and must try to write 2-3 articles a day. Never use third party content, mean you cannot use any kinds of materials that already available in other websites or blog.

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Still cannot got Google Adsense account? No problem! In internet there are many websites available where you can approve any one of them and start your earning from your website or blog. In internet you may see many people ask give them 500-1000 rupees and get a verified Google Adsense account for a website or blog. So, kindly don’t believe on them. Those types of account get ban too soon. After get Adsense account you cannot ask your relatives to click on your advertisements and you also cannot click on your own advertisements Because most of advertising distributor websites pays you with the base of clicks you get on your advertisement that is present in your websites or blog. Once an advertising website crawl your IP and get information that they collect more click from this IP too much time then, your advertising program that you’re approved will be rejected too soon. So, don’t ask anyone to click on your advertisement and don’t copy and paste anyone content in your website or blog.

If you want to become a professional blogger then, you should read Google Adsense privacies and policies. In order to become a professional blogger. If you want to inspire other peoples then, you should not be planning to write article in Urdu. Because Google Adsense pay more once you get a traffic from United States of America, United Kingdom or Canada traffics as compare to other countries. So, if you have Urdu contents then, you only can generate traffics from India and Pakistan mostly Or even if you get a Britain on your site, they just leave your website as looking your Urdu contents and by that reason your bonus rate will decrease as well as your website will get a chance to ban.

If you want to increase your earning rate then, don’t try to get Pakistani visitors too much. Use Pakistani visitors to increase your Alexa ranking or for popular your website or blog. Keep in mind, generating traffics from United States of America, United Kingdom, and Canada or from other European countries is really helpful. Google Adsense did not pay more in Asian countries. We also can say,

1000 Asians = 100 Europeans

That means if you’ll generate 100 European traffics, it can beats 1000 Asians traffics.

If an advertisements are running on a Information Technology  blog or website, then Google Adsense pays more that’s kinds of websites or blogs and by this reason many of people writes on Information Technology mostly. So, definitely earning money from a website or blog takes some times to give you results, But when the dollars starts to come in pocket then, you’ll really happy to know that you are getting successful in blogging. You can create a blog in BlogSpot for free and you can approve any advertising websites. BlogSpot is only a platform where you can approve Google Adsense or other. If you’ll create a blog on wordpress then you have to purchase a web domain and a web hosting too in order to approve on any advertising website.

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Here the problem is you have not income to purchase a web domain and a web hosting so, how can you purchase these both items. So, the answer is start blogging on BlogSpot for free. Once you start to make money, you can purchase these both.

So, are you going to start to make by blogging now? Or it was just a time pass?
In order to generate more traffics, you have to properly optimize your website. Other-wise traffic will not come onto your website or blog, if traffic will not come so, how can you make money and how can you increase your earning rate. You can watch below SEO (Search Engine Optimization) series. So, you can earn some knowledge how to gain your traffics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Video Series.

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