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There are many advertisements available in the world of internet. You always discovered online while surfing internet. If you are a publisher/blogger, you should have experiences about these advertisements. In this article we will discuss about various types of advertisements, which are available in different types of advertising network platform to output on other websites.ad network terms

CPC Advertisement.

You can also say CPC (Cost per Click) as PTC (Pay per Click). Because both mean are same. CPC (Cost per Click) & PTC (Pay per Click), mean you earn revenue once a user click on ads, which display on our website. They have no need to purchase anything in this mode of advertisement, their click is enough to help us earn revenue.

We cannot give you answer, how much will you earn by this mode because it’s depend on Advertisers that how much they’re giving to Google Adsense or some other ad networks. If you want to make unexpected money from your blog or from your website. You need more clicks; especially you need to get click on quality content, As Google display relevant ads on our pages.

CPM Advertisement.

CPM advertisements are also known as Cost per 1,000 impressions and its short form is (CPM). Mean when you run this types of Ads in your webpage. Then on that page or content where those CPM Ads available, an audience jump you’ll earn one impression. No problem! If you cannot get clicks from your audiences, still you earn money. Because the advertiser select the Advertise mode as CPM mean Cost per 1,000 impression. We cannot say how much you can earn by this mode also, because it’s depends on Advertisers, that how much they’re paying to Google Adsense for displaying their advertisements. Let’s suppose, If they purchase the package of two dollars and got licensed to display their advertisements on various websites content, there package will expire once our audience see their advertisement or even visit on those content where their ads are running 1,000 times, their package will expire then.

CPA Advertisement.

CPA is stand for Cost per Action or Cost-per-acquisition. This is one of the greatest payout modules of advertisement. In this advertisement module you will be paid when an audience clicks on your website and they purchased some products from advertiser’s site. Like purchase video games DVD, online Courses, EBooks and other types of product or services. Clickbank, Amazon and many other companies are offering affiliate accounts to sell their products & Services for best rates with CPA, But you need to drive traffic from European Countries to get CPA sale.

CPL Advertisement.

Cost per Lead” also known as CPL, this is very similar to CPA advertisement. But in this platform, You don’t need from visitors to purchase anything. They have to just click on Advertisements and they’ll redirect to an online survey site, usually they have to sign up for a newsletter, in order you can generate money. This is very easy for you to make money online. Let me explain about it more.

Sometimes you see at many websites, an advertisement run and ask you to click here to convert your face into a cartoon. If you click on that and create a cartoon of your’s. The source website where you come from in cartoon making website will be paid.

 CTR Advertisement.

In the world of advertisements. No doubt, CTR matter a lot. For advertisers and also for publishers too. The goal of any advertisers is to create such ads graphic, which should get more CTR. And being as a publisher we have to put ads in such a place that increase our CTR.
Being a publisher, CTR is one of the important factors to increase or decrease the earning rate of your website. If you failed to get enough clicks, your advertiser will win. Many of people try to find answer of that question “I got enough click on my Adsense account, but cannot manage to generate good amount”. So, the answer of this question is getting too much click on advertisement, will not give you 100% guarantee to generate more amount for you. To get more amounts, you have to find a good CPC advertisement. On such advertisements even if your audience click on that 100 times then, it will be better than to click 1000 times.

RPM Calculator.

This is stand for revenue per 1000 impressions. This gives you the answer of, how much your earn with the base of your 1000 views. Basically, this is not any types of advertisement. But you can say this as a calculator mean, RPM calculator. Let’s suppose, if you earn $10 from 1000 views then it’s mean you’ll earn $30 with the base of your 3,000 views. We want to share the formula, and after that you’ll easily find you PRM. This will use on that time, if you want to find Impression PRM.

Formula: Impression PRM= {Estimated Earning (/) Total Impression}

If you have Google Adsense or other Advertising program, advertisement displaying on your websites. So, this was important to know different types of advertisement.

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