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How Quality Education Can Bring Revolution in Pakistan?

According to the two researchers of Harvard University, Jong-Wha Lee and Robert Barro, Pakistan has the high graduation rate as compared to India, when it comes to completing higher education. The duo also revealed in their educational achievement research report that it’s the Pakistani that are spending more time in educational institutes and not the Indians. This is indeed a ... Read More »

How People Can Successfully Complete an Online Programs

Technology has introduced us to various good things and one of them is online education that has become a popular choice of people when it comes to learning from the comforts of their homes. The best thing about online education is that it has made several courses available to people, who otherwise would not have gotten the chance to enroll ... Read More »

Is there Any Ray of Hope for Students in Pakistan

More than a decade ago the Government of Punjab in Pakistan decided to establish a technical training institute called Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority or  commonly known as TEVTA. In order to improve competitiveness, quality and productivity of the local workforce by providing them demand driven and dynamic vocational and technical education. Till this day thousands of people have ... Read More »

Why High Quality Distance Learning is Important for Pakistan

Distance learning has been around for decades now, but still in developing countries like Pakistan, a huge part of the population is still unaware of this kind of learning. That is pretty saddening, especially if you think about the poor literacy rate in Pakistan. Then, look at the western countries where nearly all renowned universities and schools have now launched ... Read More »

Who is Ready to Take Over Virtual University and AIOU?

Internet has taken the world by storm as it had made things possible which people thought were impossible to achieve before its advent. One of these impossible things was making high quality education available to everyone whether they reside in the west or east. As a result, the trend of online education has today peaked so much that a large ... Read More »

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