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ODosta has reached almost a huge audience – actually upto 100,000 unique visitors per month to be exact; and they range from students to It professionals to Technical Arts to information seekers being dropped by Google.

With 2,000 weekly newsletter subscribers – ODosta is estimated to reach every concerned person of  information technology in Pakistan. To be more specific about the audience, it reaches to regulator, It companies,ISPs, infrastructure vendors, contractors, It consultants, analysts, distributors, sellers and retailers.

It won’t be out of place to mention that ODosta’s posts are included in blogging and technology clipping circulation for all major It companies.

Opportunity for Advertisers:

ODosta offers a unique and rare proposition for advertisers that target the Technical and IT industry of Pakistan. With narrow niche, and specified audience, ODosta is best placed to offer maximum ROI for advertisers.

If you are targeting IT Programmers, i.e. IT companies, ISPs, contractors, consultants, analysts, or anyone that’s relating to local Information Technology– then ODosta is the one that you were looking for.

Traffic Stats:

  • 150,000 Page impressions per month
  • 100,000 page views per month
  • 80 percent of traffic comes from Pakistan
  • 5,00 RSS Subscribers which are growing
  • 5,000 Facebook fans which are growing
  • 2,000 Weekly Newsletter subscribers
  • Extensive content available on ODosta regarding Technical Art and Blogging, You Can See Our Ranks on first page of Google for hundreds of keywords related to IT field in Pakistan.

Most Recommended Packages:

  • Half Page Banner = 300 x 600 pixel @ $100 USD / Month
  • Wide Sky-Scrapper Banner pixel = 160 x 600 @ $70 USD / Month
  • Square Banner = 300 x 250 pixel @ $50 USD/ Month
  • Top Banner = 468 x 60 pixel @ $70 USD / Month
  • Button = 100 x 100 pixel @ $30 / Month
  • Sponsored Post 500 words with single hyperlink @ $30
  • Text Link  = Link Exchange will useful for both as a back-link @ Free of Cost


  • If You Want to Improve your business using our reasonable advertising packages, Please Contact us for reserving your order, further details, customized ad slot and any further query.

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