• Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Package

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a security label which accompanies legally licensed Microsoft software to help prevent counterfeiting, So If you see the COA on a Microsoft software box, you'll know that the software and other items inside, such as media and manuals, are genuine and If your computer came with already installed Windows, look for the COA on your computer. If you have a small device, the COA may be under the battery. Just go to the Microsoft website to see more examples of COAs.

Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Features

If you've bought a PC and you don't have Microsoft Genuine Windows 7 COA or you wanna sell a PC than you need to have it to paste on your PC, So are you seeking a cost- operative result for your computing needs? Look no farther! Our Windows 7 Professional Used OEM COA Sticker is the full liberty for individualities and companies likewise, offering a reliable operating system with a proven track story of interpretation and productivity.

Genuine Licensing: Our COA( Certificate of Actuality) snag guarantees the actuality of your Windows 7 Professional operating system. You can trust that you're getting a genuine product that complies with Microsoft's licensing terms.

Proven Reliability: Windows 7 Professional is famed for its stability and trustability. Whether you are a business professional, student or home user, you can get this operating system to get your work done efficiently.

Meliorated Security: Stay defended with improved screen features like BitLocker encryption and Windows Defender antivirus. Your data will be safe and secure from implicit pitfalls.

Effective interpretation: Windows 7 Professional is aimed to work seamlessly on a wide range of tackle configurations. It's optimized to deliver effective interpretation, icing your computer runs easily, indeed on aged motors.

Familiar User Interface: The user friendly interface of Windows 7 Professional is intuitive and ready to navigate. Whether you are a long- time Windows user or migrating from another operating system, you will feel right at home.

Legacy Software Support: If you calculate on aged software operations, Windows 7 Professional offers excellent backward comity, allowing you to run heritage programs without effects.

Protean operation: This operating system is able for colorful purposes, involving business tasks, multimedia, and gaming. It's a well- rounded liberty for both work and entertainment.

Cost- operative: Our Used OEM COA snag offers inconceivable value, allowing you to pierce all the features of Windows 7 Professional at a bit of the cost of substitute operating systems.

Please note that this product includes the COA Sticker with the product key, and you will need to gain the installation media independently. Upgrade your computing experience moment with the Windows 7 Professional Used OEM COA Sticker and enjoy the advantages of a dependable, effective, and secure operating system. enunciate farewell to comity effects and hello to productivity and peace of mind!Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Package

Is the COA my license?

No. The COA only shows that your software is genuine but its include the 25 characters license code. The Microsoft Software License Terms contain all the rights and limitations that govern your use of the software. You must accept the license terms to use Microsoft software.

Product Shipment

Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Package is available for Resellers but before order placement, Please check more details as given bellow;

  • Place of Origin: USA
  • Brand Name: Microsoft
  • Certification: COA Label
  • OS: Windows 7 Pro
  • PC Brand: Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc. 
  • License: Global OEM Single PC Activation
  • COA Version: X15/X16 (Not Specific)
  • Color: Blue
  • MOQ: 20x

Other Choice: Windows 7 Home / Ultimate (Also Available on Different Prices)

By default, We send Windows 7 Pro X16 COA in blue color but You can mention your requirements in comment box to get specific version or color.

If you're reseller, You can Buy Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Package (X15/X16) at reasonable cost, Where we'll send license keys or COA picture via email soon on demand and deliver the COA through DHL within a week.

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Windows 7 Pro Used OEM COA Package

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Product Code: 7Pro-u-COA
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  • $4.00

  • Ex Tax: $4.00

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