10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

Granted, making and maintaining a website can be daunting and tiresome, especially if you are not getting the expected results in terms of traffic and the main bottom-line: sales

However, before you pull off your hair, trying to explain why the internet is not working for you. Explore our list of top 10 things you are probably doing right now to push traffic away from your website.SEO

  1. Background Music: Stop and think: are you a recording studio? Then why do we have to put up with your choice of the “best” pop music since Elvis? From your users perspective, this is not only disruptive but rude and annoying. Stop it.
  2. Flash: So you want to show off the latest bells and whistles on arrival. But at what expense? Incredibly slow and a non-responsive website! Even the owner/creator of flash (Adobe) are not using it on their website; enough said!
  3. Pop-ups: Yes, these disturbing little cuties boost up your ads revenue, but they are at best annoying to a host of your users. What would you rather have: few discontented but abiding users or many loving ones?
  4. Walking Ads: if pop-ups are bad, then walking ads are worse! People are on your site for relevant information. Get your walking ads out of their way and they will keep coming back for more. If not, they will bid you goodbye forever!
  5. Hiding Contact Info: Slap yourself at the back if you actually have someone visiting your site. Out of the billion of other pages out there! You must be doing something right. The least you can do right now is to put your contact info clearly where it can be seen. If I need something and I want to get in touch with you, you have a split second to give me your contact address. Anything beyond that, you’ve lost me forever!
  6. Black backgrounds: Black in itself is not bad, but if you choose the wrong type color, then the whole concept makes your user want to run away. Stick with the basics when in doubt. And in case you dont what that means: Black on White
  7. Extremely Small Text: Never make the users regret ever attempting to read on your website. Your job is to make their experience smooth and easy. Don’t go out of your way to push them away with hard to read font size.
  8. Complicated Navigation: Don’t make it difficult for people to get from point A to point B. It should be direct and straight forward.
  9. Outdated Information: The purpose of the internet is to serve fresh and instant information. If you are not doing that, then don’t expect users beating their way to your doorstep. No. It won’t happen!
  10. Badly written Content: Content is still king. People come to your site twice. Once to see what you have. Second time to see if you have improved. If not, kiss them goodbye forever.

Check among this list, see what you might be doing wrong right now and adjust yourself accordingly.

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I am a freelance creative writer, a social media consultant and a web developer. For jobs and some dose of awesomeness, get in touch with me at my natural habitat: PeoplePerHour pph.me/olawale

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