10 Amazing Tips That Would Give A Boost To Your Online Shop

Online Buying & Selling Products are very common in these days, Although there are similarities: But as you know, selling online is different than selling in a shop. You can display any product at your Online Store, Actually you don’t have. Your Client will place an order and you can deliver after getting from some other place. Therefore, you should plan your Online Store with professionals, who know what they are doing. You must not make the same mistakes that others have made before you. See A difference between Online Vs in Store Shoppingonline store

1. Mature Appearance

Lack of trust in an online shop’s layout is one of the biggest hurdles when shopping online. In the worst case, you loses sales and costs along with the user. So, do value a professional design and layout and a clear navigation system for your online portal.

2. Professional Product Images

When buying online, catchy product images are extremely important. Because a bad impression would make the customer to exercise his right to cancel and return the product to you. Using professional product images always pays off..

3. Effective Consultation

Many products requires intensive consultation for the average consumer, and consultation via email or telephone, formulates the decision of the customer whether he would buy your product or not.

Similarly, an online store should offer advices and assistance plans. Show your visitor each aspect clearly. Make visible and prominent, your contact information. A personal contact information can do wonders. Of course, make sure you are accessible.

4. Fast Delivery Time

The delivery time is a critical factor in online trading. The buyer wants to grab his order immediately. In addition, with each passing day between the purchase and receipt of order, increases the risk of order cancellation. Buyer’s remorse and financial aspects play a role a vital role here. Optimize and thus shorten delivery times for your most important items/products.

5. Transparent Delivery

Make your Terms and Conditions clearly visible. It creates a subconscious effect on Internet users. Show your visitors  payment methods , costs of shipping and related utilities in a clear and elaborate manner, before they reach the product ordering phase.

6. Diverse Payment Options

Every online customer behaves differently. Some are PayPal lovers, some credit card junkies and most hesitate to pay in advance. Even, if it costs something: you should offer the buyer as many payment methods as you can to broadly cover the preferences. The total loss of revenue is more expensive and difficult to recover.

7. Easy & User Friendly Ordering Process

It’s just annoying when technical factors are responsible, because of ordering process being too complicated. So allow your customers to order without having an account. Only demand the really necessary personal data of the customer as mandatory.

8. Seal Of Approval

This seal of approval helps in building trust with the customer.  Provide your customers a nice and secure feeling to convert them from visitors into buyers.

9. Coupon Discounts & Newsletter

Maintain your existing customers. Adapt vouchers/newsletters in a way to inspire existing customers, once again to shop at your portal.

Plan such actions but carefully, so that they also work effectively and bring in sales.

10. Set Goals & Plan Long-Term

An online shop without aim is like sailing without sails: You will not make progress unless you have defined clear and measurable goals regarding the number of visitors, number of orders and number of sales. Optimize each category of your shop, by always keeping a goal in mind.


Author works for a tech start up and holds an Engineering & MBA degree, though loves to be quoted as a passionate Entrepreneur and Infopreneur. Traces can be found here: http://ahsanhayat.com/.

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