Why Developed Countries are Encouraging Their Youth to Study in China Instead of Pakistan

Initially people like me thought that big corporations like Apple Inc. and others have increased interest in China. However, recently we get to know that it’s not just various firms that have an interest in China, but the country has pike the interest of numerous world leaders too. One good example in this regard is of UK’s Prime Minister David Cameroon, who announced back in December 2013 that Chinese language learners will be increased in the Kingdom by 2016. USA is not too far behind in this race, as the first lady of the country Michelle Obama urged the young kids in America to study in China during her visit to the country back in March 2014.


Previously, developed countries like UK, US, New Zealand and Australia had hosted a huge number of Chinese students, who entered in these states to receive high quality higher education. Now these countries are creating special scholarships and programmes for their youth in order to encourage them to gain education in China. As a result, whether it’s a Generation UK campaign of British Council or 100,000 Strong Initiative programme of US, these states are looking to build strong relation with China by cooperating with it in its education sector. Due to this reason, the number of foreign students, who have chosen China as their study destination, has gradually risen in the past few years.

The Education New Zealand (ENZ) and Ministry of Education in China has shared a data that has revealed the number of foreign students studying in China. According to that data, 265 090 international students were studying in China in 2010 that touched 328 000 mark in 2013. The sad thing about this update is that quality of education in China is still not too high. In fact, many educational institutions in Pakistan offer way better education to their students as compared to Chinese institutes. In spite of it, the developing countries are encouraging their youth to go and study in China.

The reason behind supporting China despite of poor education standard is that Pakistani leaders had never focused on the progress and development of the country. Actually, they had always paid attention to one thing only. How they can double their assets, because if they really had worked hard as Chinese leaders did to establish their country. Then, today developed countries would not only be urging their youth to study in Pakistan, but their companies would also be making huge investments in the country.

Nevertheless, it’s still not too late, as our leaders can still devise a strategy to lure foreign students from countries like USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia along with developing countries. Considering the fact that today private platform like ninthd (9th D) has offered its services in the online education sector of Pakistan. The private concern has launched its international certifications in the country at unbeatable prices. More importantly, the quality of these international certifications of ninthd are pretty high as the initiative has developed in association with international institutes like iCarengie Global Learning and UKCET.

If Pakistani leaders seriously pay attention to this matter it will not only bring foreign revenue to the country, but also boost the real estate business in the country. Just like UK, where demand for student accommodation is pretty high. Given that the investors are getting better yield and their investment is also more secure as compared to an investment in stocks or foreign currency.

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Name is Khurram Shahzad and I work for ninthd.com as Digital Marketing Executive. ninthd (9th D) in Pakistan is providing economical viable skills (EVS) programmes in association with reputable international universities like iCarnegie Global Learning and UKCET. That can prove quite valuable for employees, businessmen, entrepreneurs, fresh graduates and even employers, as they offer international experience and knowledge

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