Top 10 reasons to have a better monitor for PC gaming

New and exciting games, features and gaming environment, all of this is a dream of gamers. Since the new technology is introducing in the games and improved games are made, the gaming experience has also got better. The monitors are made with the new and better technologies because of the advance gaming. As much as the games are getting better, the gaming PCs and monitors have to improve as well, So you should know the better monitor for PC gaming.

Better Monitor for PC Gaming:

Other than this, the devices and equipment also introduced for the gaming tools and gadgets. These are dedicated to the games only and provide better gaming environment.better monitor for PC gaming

If you want to enjoy the next level gaming experience then you must try the monitor for PC gaming. It will take your gaming to the next step. The gaming PC provides a complete gaming experience with a better display and result. Therefore if you want to have a better gaming experience, then you must consider the gaming monitor.

1. Monitor Size:

When we talk about the gaming monitor, the bigger screen size is considered better. If you want to enjoy the games on big screen and have a big space, then you can buy a 27-inch screen provides a Full High-Definition and better resolution of 1920×1080. These monitor sizes have a wide screen as well as available in different pixels too. Some of the 27-inch models are also available in the Quad High Definition WQHD with the 2560×1440 pixels. The gaming monitors are available in many sizes from 30 inches to 34-inch Ultra-wide monitors which are available in a curve or without slider panel.

The choice is to depend on the user of the monitor according to the games they play and space they have.

2. Pixels and resolution:

The pixels and resolution are other important factors for the games. Some games require more sharpness and better display. For a better gaming experience, therefore, the monitor with advance pixels and resolutions will provide a better image and sharpness.

3. Refresh rate:

The better and advance gaming PCs and monitors provide a better refresh rate which means that they will upgrade the pictures in higher pixels and does this in less than two milliseconds. Which offer no lacking of pictures and sound quality of gaming experience too!

The regular monitors have low refresh rate which is not suitable for the games.

4. Video inputs:

The gaming monitors and PCs have a better and multiple video inputs which mean that you can connect your monitor or PC with the multiple gaming consoles and PCs together, such as Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One and other editions as well.

5. Other features:

The gaming monitor has better and advanced features when compared to the regular screens such as the HDMI ports,  DisplayPort and DVI connectivity also many of these monitors offers a USB port as well which provides a plug and play benefits while choosing a game.

6. Graphic Display:

Other than resolution and pixels the gaming monitors are best to show the graphics. Many games nowadays include advanced graphics, as well as these games, require more resolution and High Definition graphics. A good monitor has advanced graphic cards installed which support the visual display and better graphic results and games at the same time.

7. Powerful speakers:

Lots of gaming monitors have powerful speakers installed which provide lots of fun and add more sound effects when the games are played. Mostly the speakers are attached to the PC, but if you want sound effects, you can choose a professional gaming monitor which has the speakers installed. All the games these days come with the sound effect and the advanced sound system which sounds better with the power monitor speakers.

8. Pixel response:

When we talk about the difference from the gaming and regular monitors, the pixel response is one of them. The significant difference between the regular and gaming monitor is the rate of a pixel which response faster in the gaming monitor and have a slower rate of the regular ones. The pixel response is the measurement of time in which the monitor changed the color and measured in milliseconds, the time in which the monitor changes the color from gray to gray which means it would alter the color from one gray shade to another. Many companies also use the older version of pixel response which is black to white.

A good gaming monitor has a pixel response rate from 2 milliseconds to 4 milliseconds which is appropriate for gaming.

9. USB port:

The USB port is one of the additional USB ports which are available on the monitor itself. The gaming monitors provide a USB port which is suitable to install and play games. The regular monitors don’t have USB ports.

10. Free sync and sync:

The gaming monitors have the synchronization technology which helps in reducing the input lags as well as lowers the rates of tearing and motion artifacts. This technology allows the GPU to control the refresh rate of the screen instead of the monitor and provides you a very smooth and lags free gaming experience.  This technology offers variable rates for refreshing which allows the better display and gaming experience which required graphic cards as well.


If you don’t have any gaming monitor, then consider these facts before buying one and if you want to upgrade your gaming monitor then also check the latest technology which updated after few months to provide a better gaming experience to their customers.

Here’s a list of top 10 best monitors for better gaming experience at you should check!

The gaming monitors provide you a complete set of features and experience according to the new and latest games. The improved sound and picture quality add more drama to the gaming. Have a look at these factors which will help you select the best gaming monitor for yourself.

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