Tips to avoid harm on your body From Smart Devices

Computers , laptops and smart phones are the daily using gadgets of the life of human on this age .The Computers and these devices are not only used for a short period or for some hours , days or months. They are the source of knowledge and information and in this age knowledge and information is need to be accessed in not months not days even not in a minutes it is needed in second’s . Man need it to work for business for checking weather for getting notified a moment of their loved ones , updating and storing data to them get connect to the man who is living on the other part of the world . We are on the age were we need these devices in every moment, So you should know the Tips to avoid harm on your body.Tips to avoid harm on your body

Tips to avoid harm on your body:

But there is nothing bad to say that there is always must be “Disadvantages” in the machine.

As we need these Gadgets such as Computer, laptop or a Smartphone “We also have to get involve in them for Hours” and the body of Human must have to get free from the hourly work and if one does not take rest from work or take exercise the body must get harm and can cause “Serious injuries” for Bones, Eyes and Spinal injuries e.t.c

There are some Easy and Useful exercises that can reduce injuries and will let your body to remain Maintain and Harmless.

Cure for the Eyes

Eyes are the Organs which have direct relation with the device they if you want to work for 5 hours so definitely you will have to stay your Eyes on the Screen of the device for 5 hour.Tips to avoid harm on your body

  1. You should must Stop looking at the Screen of Computer or gadget after at least every 5 (Five) minutes for 20 Seconds.
  2. Look left and right over the room or nearby you.
  3. Do not get fixed on the screen
  4. Always use the gadgets in bright area or sunny area always avoids using them on the dark time or in the blanket.

Cure for the Back (Spinal Cord)

When you are using a gadget such as Computers or Laptop you will must have to sit and get fix with your body for hours even mostly people use to sit for 8 to 12 hours and If you are not moving your body for hours this can be Dangerous for you.Tips to avoid harm on your body-back spinal card security

  1. Ride on Bicycle for after every 30 to 40 minutes.
  2. Do not look down on the Devices all Smartphone users bend their neck to use their Phone and they always have complain for the neck pain
  3. Always put pillow or cushion on the back of your “Spinal Cord”
  4. Stand up and move here and there in seconds.
  5. Sit straight on your chair and get fix on your chair so that the Body will stay comfort.

By applying attention on these Tips you can save yourself from serious injuries and extreme body pain from your Computer, Laptop and Smartphone.

Cure for Arms, Wrist Hands and Legs

While you are using Computer you will have to fix your Hands on keyboards and mouse or on track pad on Laptop and for Smartphone on the Touch Screen.Tips to avoid harm on your body-whole body security

  1. Always put your Computer or Laptop’s Keyboard or mouse near you as possible and do not stretch your hands for using them.
  2. Always place your legs on the floor rather than on the stand of the Chairs or on the table.
  3. Close your fingers and open them for 10 seconds to relax the bones.

By applying these Tips you can get rid of these serious injuries and harm to your bones.

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I am student of class 12th i believe that the knowledge , tips and tricks of Computer is boundless , it is having no end and i love to share with other geeks.

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