Perks of Being a Software Engineer

Being a Software Engineer, is quite a hell of a job especially in the present era of technical advancements and remarkable breakthroughs. Having been noticed the number of companies evolving across the globe with the promise to deliver the best hardware or the software to the customers, there has been noticed a significant hike in the hiring percentage of the talented coders, software developers and application developers. The designations we mentioned earlier, all come under the umbrella of a “Software Engineer” in general.Software Engineer

How to Become a Software Engineer

Taking a slight drift from the newly evolving companies, many those who are already delivering quality software or application to their users, have increased the usability of the newly developed applications and have made them accessible at every platform and have made every single application or the website, totally responsive and universal. Everything we have discussed yet, cannot be accomplished if the effort, energy and enthusiasm of a software engineer are not appreciated. Here in this article, we will be discussing some amazing perks of being a software engineer and how they are being treated in renowned companies and in organizations.

Privileges a Software Developer Enjoys:

1- Salary:

Salary is what attracts a software engineer the most. A degree in software related studies can earn you a huge sum of money due to one or the other reason. A famous company named HubSoft is currently offering a bounty of about $30,000 for the talented software developers and web designers. In a report published this year by one of the best tech firm named as Robert Half Technologies, stated that in USA, the average salary a software developer is getting per annum is round about $95,000 which is indeed a huge sum of money anyone can ever imagine.

2- Extended Benefits:

In addition to the access to the latest hardware and software, the employees are not monitored 24/7. Yet they are salaried employees working on monthly basis where they are given a certain milestone to complete. They are always judged upon the two parameters, the quality and quantity of the work they do or the innovation they have brought in. The level of responsibility and pressure is high on a developer every time till the moment he has completed the milestone and has it approved from the customer if he is a freelancer or from the immediate supervisor whom he owes his supervision to.

The extended benefits vary from company to company for example Google allows its employees to choose whatever they want to eat from the cafeteria having a multitude of various dishes. Yahoo offers full medical treatment of their employees thus making them stick to their job due to the involvement of emotional factor.

3- Opportunities:

Being a software developer comes with another best feature of diversity and dynamism. There is no need to stick to only one organization as organizations are your steps to climb and to move forward to the next step when you have become master of this one. You will have many amazing opportunities in other companies if you keep on carrying out the work will the same zeal, enthusiasm and devotion.

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