Smart Sensors Let Drivers Know When Tire Treads Are Wearing Thin

As we know, tire threads provide the traction needed to keep our vehicles stable on the ground. Unfortunately, these threads wear out over time and require prompt replacement to avoid accidents. During inclement weather like ice, snow, mud or rain, driving a vehicle with worn out tires can be extremely dangerous. Thin threads are associated with slow blowouts, decreased air pressure, increased hydroplaning risk and difficult control in stormy weather. This is why it is important to change our tires as soon as they indicate symptoms of wear and tear.Smart Sensor for tires

Smart Sensor for Tires

Fortunately, engineers from Duke University developed a new technology which lets drivers know when their tire threads have become dangerously thin. With affordable tire offers and coupons at stores such as, this technology should allow you to replace your worn out tires as soon as required.

Using smart sensors technology

As aforesaid, engineers at the Durham NC Duke University have come up with a technology that allows drivers to detect when their tire threads thinness has become concerning. The technology uses nanotubes ink made of metallic carbon to detect thread wear rates to millimeter scale with a 99% accuracy rate. When this technology becomes commercialized, it promises to improve various aspects including road and vehicle safety, efficiency and performance. It involves placing electrically-conductive electrodes side-by-side inside a tire. The two electrodes are positioned just below the threads. There, they are able to determine how thick the tire is above them by monitoring the interference on electrode response caused by changes in fringing field. The change is caused by the changing structure of threads in the tire.

What this means for the tire market

Since the team at Duke University published their findings in 2017, a company known as Tyrata picked on the project. They have already attracted a $4.5 million funding that will make the technology a reality. With the ability to detect how thin tires have become, drivers can now safely get warnings/notifications that will allow them to replace their tires just in time to prevent accidents. This will also increase the car’s performance and efficiency.

Tires with these sensors will be available at a store near you including reputable online tire retailers like It is expected that tires with smart sensors will soon be available in various regions and the technology is set to replace conventional tires.


According to associate electrical and computer engineering professor, Aaron Franklin, of Duke University, it is crazy that up to now there was not technology to gather data from the tires, the only contact to the ground. The new technology will definitely be a hallmarking improvement in the automotive industry should it be adopted by all tire manufacturers.

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