All You Need To Know About The New iPhone X

The new iPhone X which is actually pronounced as iPhone “Ten” is Apple’s new flagship smartphone. Which has promised to completely change the way iPhone’s have been. Although it has a long waiting time and rather expensive compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus. Which also was released along with some other gadgets at the 10th-anniversary press release. Apple says it’s worth every penny.

iPhone X really is the best of the best it takes all of the iPhone’s best features to a whole new level. It also misses the presence of a home button and the old mainstream fingerprint sensor. Now iPhone X uses facial recognition to unlock. I guess to Apple, the fingerprint function was not safe enough.

iPhone launches a complete redesigned new flagship smartphone on their 10th anniversary

I phone x

iPhone X design

The new iPhone X got a glass back body to enable wireless charging, it’s also got a bigger display when it comes to the screen ratio compared to the iPhone 8 and 8 plus but if compared by screen size it is actually smaller than the plus series smartphones although it has a lot more to offer than just the plus models.

When it comes to the iPhone X dimensions it’s bigger yet more compact at the same time. It offers a height of 5.65 inches and width of 2.79 inches and compared to the iPhone 8 plus it’s also significantly lighter, 174 grams to be precise. So iPhone X will be easier to handle and more practical. If the iPhone X still failed to amaze you don’t worry because the long list of features doesn’t stop there.

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iPhone X uses the glass body back and front instead of the aluminum body used in the past several generations. It just feels better in the end even from the styling point of view iPhone X takes the victory by far means. iPhone X is water proof with an IP67 rating. According to iPhone, it can withstand 1m of water for 30mins in a single session.

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New Features:

iPhone specifically for the model X decided to remove the Home screen button. iPhone X has no fingerprint sensor or home screen button. It uses facial recognition or a simple password to unlock.

How to close an app or unlock the iPhone? Flick upward to close an app. You can also swipe from the bottom corner to switch between different apps.

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Control Center is in by swipe down menu. Simply slide your finger down from the upper right-adjusted battery symbol and you can see the new iOS 11 Control Center dash. Swiping from the best on the left half of the screen uncovers the notices screen.

Apple replaced the Touch ID with Face ID. It uses facial recognition instead of the fingerprint, it can be beneficial and at the same time a drawback. Unless Apple created a backup if iPhone rejects to recognize you.

Apple’s Ceo at the company launch Quoted “It’s the future of how we unlock our smartphones”


Apple claims the Face ID won’t be fooled by photos, which Samsung had to encounter with on their flagship smartphone S8. The Company went into research and development with Hollywood Mask makers to make it as safe as possible.


iPhone introduced full-screen 5.8inch display named “super retina display” it is all screen Quad HD  2436 x 1125 resolution display. It is also the first iPhone to have OLED display. Apple said it’s the first OLED great enough to be on an iPhone.

Apple completely redesigned the camera it still has a 12mp dual lens but comes with many new features.

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iPhone X has six cores and is 25% faster than the old iPhone 7 plus it also has 4 efficiency cores. It can now support all sorts of 3D games and Ar technology. Apple does not reveal the ram specs although recent reports say it will have 3GB ram like the previous iPhone 7 plus.

iPhone X now is the first iPhone to have fast charging previously only iPad Pro came with it. iPhone X charges 50% in 30mins and has 2hours of extra battery time compared with iPhone 7 plus.  The iPhone X still comes with lightning cable and 5W charging adapter.

Apple airpower device can charge multiple devices at once which includes the new iPhone X. Although iPhone X is also compatible with the Qi chargers.

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