Fidget Spinners! Why Are People Addicted To It?

Many of the toys take the world by storm but not any of them have had this big of an influence on the kids.

If you have teen adults or kids around, You probably are well aware with these addictive toys called fidget spinner which has become more like a trend to have.Fidget Spinners

Simply just spinning a fidget spinner once starts growing on you and ends up like a habit, it is the most popular toy of 2016/17. Built to serve the purpose of helping people with anxiety and ADHD, Quoting ‘that it helps with the fidgeting problem people have eg. biting nails, ticking the pen, shaking your leg or simply just doing something which others in front of you might find it weird to cope with or problematic. However, later on, it was proven by the experts that fidget spinners do not

However, later on, it was proven by the experts that fidget spinners do not actually help people put up with anxiety or fidgeting problems but rather just become an addictive habit and just a collectors thing.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget spinner is a toy which consists of a single non-rotational ball bearing which is the center piece of the fidget spinner it is made of plastic or metal in most cases and three outer rings which form a circle around the center bearing making it as smooth as possible so it spins with the littlest effort and for a practically long time. Usually, the center bearing is held by your thumb and index finger which then by then propels by a little flick of your finger.

Weird Things People Do With Them?

These days to an extent people are crazy from para gliding and crazy air floating tricks to flipping bottle tricks, “it’s a free man’s world do whatever you want”.

Following such sayings fidget spinner tricks weren’t left behind either. There are many tricks like balancing the fidget spinner on your finger or toe if you’re more daring on your nose or forehead. If you have a bunch of them, then putting them all one over another creating a fidget spinner tower creating an illusion in front of your eyes confusing your vision. Altho over all this the utmost difficult trick so far when it comes to these spinners is taking a fidget spinner spinning it then throwing it over to your friend to catch it.

Why Is It So Addictive?

Mostly the things people are addicted to are related to convertibility and contention but none of them support the reason why these are so addictive. The real reason why it is so addictive goes back to the basics people just simply love to see the fast spinning contraption in their hand which gives them a sense of satisfaction when they tilt it back and forth can feel the various spinning forces in their hand. Fidget spinners just have an addictive nature the moment you hold on.Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners just have an addictive nature the moment you hold on to one you find yourself liking it.

Why Have They Made Such Popular Headlines?

While there are many fancy ones which are gold and diamond plates with aesthetic designs and are priced in the four digit dollar brackets the simple ones are pretty cheap most of them just set you back around 5$ and in Pakistan, you can get one for as low as 150 rupees.

It has also become popular in the collectors market people are getting unique designs made and crafted by companies and professional artists.

Over all this, it has also become an element of tension in schools for teachers there have been complaints of students for not paying attention in classrooms playing with these fidget spinners. In many of the schools, they have even been banned for being too distracting and problematic.

In a past couple of months through social media, apps have brought the hype to fidget spinners you can find it all over Instagram, Facebook, videos on youtube of tricks and special limited edition ones, people even created threads and forums on Reddit about Fidget spinners which solely are for discussions about it.

Don’t worry these aren’t just for the kids they come in various designs for adults as well.


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