5 Best things to do in Dubai

Dubai belongs to the list of the new generation cities. To grasp the world’s entirely new side, a visit to Dubai is a must. There are many things to do and admire in here, counting from numerous skyscrapers, shopping malls to adrenalin experiences. Hence, before your visit, uncover the best things to do in Dubai and seize the most out of the city.Best things to do in Dubai

Best Things to Do in Dubai

You can Discover the list of Dubai attractions and plan your trip in advance.

1. Dubai Miracle Garden

This garden is obviously worth seeing, so I included in my list of best things to do in Dubai. The garden opened its doors on Valentine’s day in 2013, so it serves as the city’s romantic symbol for couples.

Best things to do in Dubai

It is a flower garden where every shape is built with flowers and grass. During these years, the garden has welcomed thousands of visitors. It has become one of the top attractions in the city, and a place to take great pictures.

2. Dubai Museum

Ever thought you would find a museum in Dubai? There are certainly some. Dubai museum unveils the traditional lifestyle of the people living in the Emirates. That is, the museum reflects the life of people before oil discovery. Best things to do in DubaiIt casts light to 1800s, where everything was different from now, with ancient maps, 3D rooms, and galleries. Hence, it is worth discovering the cultural side of Dubai which can be found nowhere else in the city. Feel the drastic change and evolution, educate yourself to history and catch up with the best things to do in Dubai.

3. Global Village

Global Village is unique in its kind, so you’d hardly find anywhere in the world a place where cultures of more than 75 countries meet each other. The site itself represents endless rows of pavilions with country names, and as you enter you feel to reappear in the country in question. You feel the local culture, smells, and people. You can try out the local food, shop the souvenirs and cultural masterpieces and feel part of it. Best things to do in DubaiGlobal Village is considered to be an entertainement center, shopping mall, and a huge touristic hub. Every year, it has 5 million visitors, it is an excellent place for a family trip and children.

4. Burj Khalifa

You would surely find Burj Khalifa in every list of best things to do in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is a big must, as it is still considered to be the world’s tallest building. The building includes a parking area, Armani hotel, a sky lobby, corporate suites, Atmosphere restaurant and New desk observatory. Best things to do in DubaiIf you want to feel the height, book a table in advance at the Atmosphere, and enjoy the city during the night lights. As you pay a visit to Burj Khalifa, the world-famous fountains should also not be missed. Pick a time, when the show is on and be there a bit sooner to admire the dancing water from the closest sight.

5. Safari Tour

This is probably one of the best things to do in Dubai. If you are a lover of adrenalin and heart-booming feelings, this tour is a must. Safari Tours can be found and booked easily, as they are of broad popularity among tourists. Best things to do in DubaiThe tour itself embraces a number of activities. Firstly, you enjoy the drive of energy on the desert’s golden sands. Then, the Arabic ambiance welcomes you to sit on their traditional carpets and enjoy smoking Sheesha, camel riding, sand boarding and henna painting. Last but not least, in the evening you can savor the traditional Arabic cuisine, barbecue ceremony with belly dancers and a fantastic view of the sunset.

Hence, try not to miss these best things to do in Dubai and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Grab your most necessary stuff, and be sure to choose the right season not to ruin your great perceptions of the city.

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