Gambling: How Asia’s gambling tech is making millions

In this era of digital technology, you don’t have to wait and plan Las Vegas trips for gambling, neither to the Atlantic City. Instead try Macau, which is an Asian gaming business making millions of dollars each year. Since the betting is merging with technology you can play, win and lose from your home while connected to the digital Gambling scene.gambling


The Asia’s gambling technology has emerged vastly over few years especially when the digital currencies are introduced in the gambling scene. It is also benefiting the companies while overall it has become a multimillion industry which has participants from all over the world especially Asia, Europe, and America gambling form their location with live casinos.

How the live Casino Work?

When you look at the development of the luxury development at the Macau, there is a vast advancement made over few years. Not only their building but they have taken the casinos to the online world. It is also known as a live online casino.

For the gamblers around the world, it is a build in the studio where all the live action takes place. The casino is fully equipped with the blackjack, baccarat, sic boo tables and roulette. Also, many well-trained croupiers perform all the activities, now all you need is a gadget which will connect you to these online live casino such as a laptop, tablet, Smartphone or computer. It will allow you to participate in the games and place your bets with a visual display appear on your screen. When the bets are set, the croupier will perform the actions and payouts are automatically calculated.

In the online live casino, the technology performs pretty much as a live TV studio which is operated by the cameras. Here one camera is used to capture live video of gambling table from a fixed position, while the second shoot the dealer. The videos are directly sent to the server rooms of the studio which can be seen by the players participating in the game and gambling. The video is live streamed over the internet through the website and players can watch it over their device.

While it looks so simple, it is operated by the software which controls everything such as the video and camera actions. When a game starts, the software instructs the cameras to capture essential movements such as in the game of roulette the software locates the camera when the ball land in a particular pocket. Similarly it also automatically calculates the results and displays it on the screen of each player.

The software also controls and displays the information on the screen of the dealer such as big winning and when the new player has participated and joined the game. It is also responsible for providing information to the participation and croupier that when is the turn of the player.

How the live casino industry in making millions?

The Philippines is leading the position of the live casino action in Asia. The Makati City is the hub of the live casino industry; also Manilla’s Makati City is operating the online casinos naming RCBC plaza and PBCom tower. More than six live casino companies are working from these facilities. Novenix, Playtech, and EntwinTech are few of them.

The live casino industry is on a boom from past decade especially the Asian market. The Macau alone has emerged from the gambling technology and become a market of many mega-casinos. Not only the casinos are developing but also the need for surveillance is increasing to secure the tech company.

The live casinos are now much safer and advance when it comes to the technology. Since it has been making millions, the big question arises that how the industry has emerged. As much as the live casino phenomena are getting popular, people around the world come online and participate in it. Allowing many people playing games and gambling with online live casinos at the comfort of your home. It is much more comfortable and convenient to participate in the betting since the companies are investing in better and secure technology. More and more advancement is made in live casinos which provide original and actual gambling experience to the players and participants. That is why more and more people are gambling through live casino platform.

Raising demand and profits of live casinos:

The need for live casino and gambling is rising in Asia; it is becoming viral that many times players cannot find a single spot for blackjack or roulette tables. That is why many companies are now offering automated machines and other gambling options where players can play for pastime.

Even China has banned the cryptocurrency and other digital currencies, but still, these companies are estimated to grow. The Marcau is estimated to increase up to $500 million.

As much as the technology is improving, the fraudsters are also keeping with it. Major issues are the illegal gambling which is draining the significant resources from the gaming and a reason for a huge loss of the live casinos. Many agencies like Interpol are investing and controlling the illegal gambling activates.

Not only many laws and regulations are made to control the illegal gambling, but many measures and arrests are also made to manage their operations from Asia to Europe. Seizure of computers and electronic devices are made with arrests to control the illegal gambling and their mafia.

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