New Kissinger Device Released to Kiss Long Distance Relationship

The distance relationships are difficult and not only because the love of your life is on the other side of the world and you can not share a daily routine, but because you say permanent goodbye to physical (intimate) contact with another person, or at least so it should be.

The University of London, in its immense wisdom and inexhaustible resources, has developed a device that simulates a long distance kiss.With Kissinger you can kiss long distanceKissinger couples can send kisses with the application. The Kissinger measures the pressure on the sensor produced by the lips of the “kisser or kisser” and replicates exactly the same kiss on the receiver.

The part that simulates the lips is made of silicone. You will not feel it like a kiss from your partner, but hey, less is nothing. Probably a cold silicone device against your cheek feels warm to know that it transmits a kiss from your loved one.

In addition to the silicone device that allows the magic of the kiss at a distance, the application has a function that allows the couple to kiss in real time through the front cameras. Let’s hope it does not happen as with the first video calls that went with a little lag, since kissing without being kissed is never a pleasant sensation.

The prototype is only available for kisses on the cheek or a shy kiss in the mouth, language simulation is not yet available.

So far, a prototype for iOS has been created that connects to the Jack input of the headphones. It is clear that its creators do not see much future, since with the new iPhone 7, this entry Jack has disappeared.

Would you send a virtual kiss to your partner in order to keep the spark? Or would you rather wait to hit a trip and do it in person?

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