DELL 8K Resolution Will Change The Way We Look At TV Forever

Dell this year launched its ultra sharp state of the art UP3218K display. Which is the first 8k resolution display widely available for purchase in the markets, However, it’s price says otherwise. It’s only available as a 32inch display monitor costs approximately around 3700$ which is ridiculous. Although when it comes to the display the credits got to be given, it puts otherwise the 4k and 5k resolution to shame. The drawback to this is right now this is too futuristic for the present. For 8k resolution, you need a super expensive Graphics card to make it work. Also, there aren’t many games or videos out there that support 8k. It’s really nice but it’s just way ahead of our time right now, so you can know more about Dell 8k 8k resolution

Dell’s new 8k technology has left all other companies deep into thoughts with its new release of the Dell 8k Resolution technology

In our country Pakistan, the best resolution to have the most practical and reasonable seeing the prices and the internet we have here 1080p is the best.

Dell 8k monitor first launch

It first launched at CES around the start of 2017 initially it came out for 5000$ its a lot. You can get a car for such money anyone who would buy that to me seems like a waste of money. It was later lowered to 3700$ though. With a display size of 32 inches and an inch thick. It is surely one hell of a design and the detailing. The high-level display it puts out is mesmerizing to see it’s beyond imaginable. Dell surely killed it with this one but again it’s the practicality of a device you look into first rather than just it’s featured.

Perks Of Dell’s 8K Monitor

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Majority of the monitors available in the market today use one display cable, however, Dell’s 8K monitor says otherwise, it uses two cables. It can run on one cable but does not give out its full potential for that two cables are necessary. With one cable it puts out less than optimal-experience.

Dell’s mind-blowing 8k resolution monitor can refresh images at 60Hz. Which means it can recreate each of its 33.2million pixel picture 60 times a second. That enables it to put out some really sick videos and games fairly quickly. Putting out such high-quality resolution, however, takes a really strong pc setup. And playing games at such resolution is surely going to take a lot of pc upgrades to get it to be compatible to support 8K gaming.

A single display cable cannot make up for the high-end data needed to be transferred. If you use a single cable monitor automatically switches to 30Hz which is fairly quick. When it comes to gaming you want to take the full advantage of the monitor, spending 4700$ on the monitor maybe some hundred bucks for another display cord won’t hurt? Since Dell’s 8k monitor requires the best of the best, a normal cord is not compatible with it. A DisplayPort 1.4 cable is required for it to work properly.

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While the 8K resolution doesn’t fail to surprise to how sharp it is. There really is not much content out there available for a person to fully enjoy it. There are a couple of youtube videos available of which the majority is just demo videos, to show the true capabilities of the 8k resolution. But there is not much real content out there for people to watch, neither are there many 8K games nor tv shows or movies.

How’s the gaming experience?

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Even if you take the top of the line PC’s mod it with the best parts. Still while playing on 8K it gets a bit frustrating. As is the resolution super sharp and makes it look pretty real. It does indeed need patience since the majority of the games keep crashing on such display. Neither so far does any console support 8k resolution, in fact, the latest console ps4 pro can support 4k.  

There is soon to come the project Scorpio of Xbox which too will support 4k gaming.

Does this mean Dell will be producing 8k televisions soon?

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Anyone who’s into tech will know, whenever new technology comes out it’s ridiculously expensive. Although later it declines a lot. Same with the Dell 8k monitor it’s on the verge of becoming accessible to everyone practically speaking. Right now there is not much content out there which supports 8k. There is only one movie out the “Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2” which was shot in 8k. Still, very soon there is going to be content commonly created in 8k. Right now it’s a thing of the future but pretty soon it’ll be just the same as 4K resolution Tv.



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