How To Use Facebook And LinkedIn For Job Hunting

Social networking sites are not just for fun interactions with family and friends; they do offer a lot more than that. However, it is only few people that have truly realized other personal and professional benefits of using these platforms which unfolds on daily basis. Yes, a social networking site is a golden nugget in job hunting and my two best picks for this are Facebook and LinkedIn. I am not saying you can’t land a job or a new contract using Twitter, Flickr or any of the other networks but obviously, there has to be a place to start with everything, and starting with the more popular and promising ones, I think, is the best step, So you can know How To Use Facebook And LinkedIn For Job Hunting.How To Use Facebook And LinkedIn For Job Hunting

How To Use Facebook And LinkedIn For Job Hunting

So, if you are a freelance writer, designer, consultant, blogger, or perhaps an engineer, you can leverage the huge exposure that social platforms provide to scout for new projects, contracts, clients or perhaps a permanent job in a targeted firm. How do you go about this?

Open A Facebook Profile

You can’t connect with anybody on Facebook if you don’t have a profile. So for whatever reason you need this social network, it all starts with getting a profile. Your personal profile is what will introduce you to a new viewer, friend or fan, so don’t be shy to include that you are a designer, html expert, blogger or a copy writer. However, your activity on the network has to compliment the job you are seeking or the service you render to clients. For instance, if you are looking to get a full time employment with a digital marketing agency, it is advisable you don’t form the habit of commenting or updating your profile every minute. This is because most managers now take the online activity of job candidates as one of the criteria for consideration. Hence you may be disqualified if it is found that you can’t really last an hour on your seat without throwing a comment or two on Facebook or tweeting about the birthday party you organized last weekend. This would be a sign of low concentration skills.

Create A Facebook Page

If you have some skills you wish to offer to clients, having a Facebook page will help to establish you as an authority in that field. Create a page around your business, blog or website and post relevant images and information. For instance, if you are a designer, you can upload screenshot of sites you did for previous clients and a screenshot of your home page.

However, don’t be selfish with your social networking activities. Somebody that needs a new site will probably want many other services or information. If the site is for business, they will of course want it seen in Google search results or if they sell products, they will also need a means of reaching targeted audience through other marketing strategies. Hence as you make posts about what a good designer you are and your accomplishments, include valuable tips and information about SEO, how to integrate social sharing buttons on a site, and many other valuable tips.

Many bloggers and businesses have been using Facebook pages to promote their products and services. It is also one of the most effective marketing methods I have in place for my software review site where I give out coupon codes to various digital product creation service. Therefore, I figured this will work best in promoting your service selling website or blog.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform of professionals from over 170 industries gathered from over 200 countries. Members are allowed to create profiles and add networks with whom they want to collaborate on projects, share data and professional advice. Using LinkedIn will expose you to over 40 million people made up of online entrepreneurs and offline business owners. The truth is, if they don’t all need your service, which is rare, they may know people who do. Your profile contains details about your skills and accomplishments, including your resume which are all accessible to other users, you may just receive that knock on the door when you least expect it.

However, one should be extremely cautious and frugal about what one says or shares online because now employers search the social media to check on their employees. You could easily lose the job you have long been craving for because your prospective boss saw something he didn’t like on your wall, i.e. an eccentric status or an insulting comment.

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