What is the use of Google Analytics in SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Apparently, these are only three words, but they hang over our heads daily. They are the words that puzzle and confuse us, and for many marketers as well as business owners, launching and optimizing SEO is one of the last things they ought to decide to take care of.google analytics

Unless you have a very money-spinning company with SEO experts as your staff, taking good care of it may mean installing softwares and hoping for the best, or if you have it in your budget, you may have lent a small SEO company and hope for the best.

Google Analytics

In spite of which of these strategies you may employ, as the trade owner or dealer, you need to watch the results to understand if what you are doing is affecting your search results, to bring you quality traffic, and to convert your leads.

The Google Analytics allows us to understand how our search strategy is working and it gives us several insights into what we should do next.

It is a known fact that each business is exclusive and every website has different metrics there are universal ways to use Google Analytics to testimony the success of your businesses SEO efforts.

Viewing only organic search traffic

It is a fact that many companies experience a deadly decline in overall website traffic and right away jump to the conclusion that the traffic loss is due to a decline in organic search traffic. Most of the times in-depth analysis can actually reveal that organic traffic is up while other traffic sources are down which is causing the overall traffic decline.

So, the very first step in looking for the organic search traffic over time is to open the channel grouping all reports that can be found by clicking acquisition then go to All Traffic and then Channels. There you can see all traffic sources segmented by channel.

After clicking on Organic search channel will provide you with more comprehensive report which includes only organic hunt traffic metrics.

Measuring quality of SEO Traffic

It is a fact quality is subjective, so you can’t really measure it. It is not believed to be true,and in fact, there are a lot of ways to measure the quality of any traffic source there is merely one way,i.e.just the search.

Handing over Dollar Values to Organic Traffic

Handing over Dollar Values to Organic Traffic is a strategy used for businesses whose owners are looking for a more traditional way to understand the value SEO is bringing to their business away from improvements in traffic, visibility, and conversions by conveying a dollar value to their organic traffic results. For the implementation of this policy, you will need access to a Google AdWords account, and your Analytics will need to be synced with your Search Console account.

For finding sites keyword search phrases and queries go to Acquisition and then Search Engine Optimization and then to Queries.

With this report created, simply go ahead and open the Google AdWords account in a new window and eventually, click Tools and then Keyword Planner. After this, choose Get search volume data and trends, enter the top keywords from your Google Analytics Queries report, and click Get search volume. After this on the next screen click Keyword Ideas. Every keyword that you have entered will have a suggested submission amount which is an estimate of what advertisers are at this time paying per click for each keyword listed there.

This is a grand strategy to envisage what kind of dollars and cents a business’s SEO strategy is saving them on the traffic they would or else have to pay for.

Calculating Slow Loading Page Times

The entail to optimize page load times is one item that is majorly unnoticed by many SEO’s.  Adding up to how slow loading pages affect the user experience, page speed has become a major factor in search rankings. This is why if a business is spending the time and so money in SEO and keyword rankings, don’t gust it by overlooking a slow loading website.

To measure page loading times on a page-by-page basis switch to Behavior then go to Site Speed then Page Timings.

Creating your own SEO Dashboards

Often, the only thing you need to move a client or boss from a disbeliever to a believer in your work is how the data is presented. It is as easy as an internet marketer or more specifically an SEO to over explain ourselves, or lean on hard-to-grasp metrics. Most of the time the entire client wants to see is bar graphs, pie charts and other less intimidating forms of measurement.

If you want to skip the extensive details and import dashboard you can also do that for this import option works otherwise click on Dashboards and then Add New Dashboard.

Now click on Add Widget, and title it Total Organic Visits. This widget usually sticks with the ‘Metric’ display. Under “Show the following metric:” select Sessions. After this select filter this data.Select only shows then Medium then exactly matching and then finally organic.

Turning a Challenge into a Strength

Till now the single most challenging feature of being an SEO is being able to effectively eloquent the value you are bringing to business. It’s easy for an SEO to show another SEO how his or her numbers are improving time to time, but being able to enumerate your work from traffic and proceeding standpoint to a client or boss is essential to earning and retaining business. If a client does not recognize what they are writing, is doing for their business, it won’t be long before they stop writing that check.

You have to reimburse concentration on what metrics resound with your client or boss and find a creative way to characterize this data in your monthly SEO reports. For extra beneficent points, when clients or bosses have shared their access to the Analytics a point is made to walk them through the custom dashboards showing them exactly what each widget is tracking and why it is vital to measure. Being able to educate your client by your process helps them, and they appreciate the value you’re bringing to their business, and they view you as an advantage to their future traffic goals. Furthermore, adding five basic add-ons from GA will help you understand your newly launched business.

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