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By 2018, it’s expected that the cross-platform app market will hit $7.5 million. As such, there has been an increase in the number of cross-platform development tools available on the market. Which are the best tools, resources, and platforms for coding for Windows, Android, iOS mobile application and more simultaneously? We break it down for application


Sencha provides various tools for use in cross-platform mobile application development, like Sencha Animator, Sencha Architect and more.  Ext JS 5 is the main product offered to enterprise users, which allows HTML5 apps to be created by developers, and converted into native applications with PhoneGap.  The HTML5-focused approach of Sencha allows its applications to be run across browsers in addition to the most recent touch-based devices. It has been able to attract clients like Samsung, CNN, and Google.  The cost of the platform is $3,225 a year for a team of five developers and $12,495 a year for a maximum of 20 developers.


Kony offers a selection of tools within its Enterprise Mobility Platform for helping businesses develop applications from one codebase. JavaScript is used by the Studio platform and features basic reusable drag and drop widgets along with being able to import third party or existing libraries. Kony also launched its own Mobile Fabric platform recently, which claims to be the first enterprise application development solution that brings various middleware tools and cloud services together.  Mobile Fabric pricing begins at $15 monthly per user. Opt for the free trial to see if it’s a good fit.


Rhodes is offered by RhoMobile.  It is an open-source framework that is based on Ruby.  That allows the developer to design native applications that span over an impressive range of smartphones and operating systems.  The operating systems include RIM, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android, which basically covers everything.

RhoMobile supplies a framework where you only have to code one time.  The code may be used for building applications for a majority of smartphones.  These native applications work very well with available hardware so that your job can be completed accurately, quickly and easily.  

The hosted development environment RhoHub is also offered to developers by RhoMobile, along with RhoSync, which may be used as a standalone server for keeping all application data current on handheld devices.


Appcelerator offers the Titanium Development Platform, which has an impressive Twitter fan following.  It helps with developing desktop, tablet and native mobile apps using web programming languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML.  It powers more than 1,000 native apps on a monthly basis. The biggest advantage to Titanium is that it provides users with easy access to more than 300 APIs along with location information.  

Appcelerator also provides customizable metrics for events and actions.  Apps can be completely hardware-based with all application data either stored on the device or in the cloud.  


Redhat’s platform used to be called FeedHenry before the company acquired it for about 63.5 million euros.  Redhat offers a cross-app development platform and mobile backend-as-a-service platform, which allow enterprise users to develop and deploy Windows, Android and iOS Phone apps through public clouds. Redhat also partners technology innovators like Rackspace and AWS and works with major clients like the airline Aer Lingus.   


Within the development community, PhoneGap is likely the most well known of all of the available cross-platform development brands. The tool is now owned by Adobe and is based on the Apache Cordova open source project.  It is totally free to use, which really helps explain its popularity. Adobe also has an enterprise version it is working on for PhoneGap. It is undergoing a beta trial currently and can be signed up for. Marketing features through Adobe’s Marketing Cloud are also included with the enterprise version, so most likely it will be monetized when it launches.

Final Thoughts

Are you having a hard time deciding between Android and iOS?  Why not choose both? Numerous resources are available for making applications for all devices.  There is something here to assist everyone in getting new apps launched.

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