Things to Know Before Consulting Virtual Doctor on Your Smartphone

In the past few years, technology has advanced at a faster level. With that stated, it is safe to say that almost all the significant sectors of life are improved and introduced with advancements and new technology. Similar goes for the healthcare sector as they introduced telemedicine. Telemedicine is a service through which people can avail advanced medical facilities at an affordable price and from the ease of their homes, So you may know more about Virtual Doctor.Virtual Doctor

Virtual Doctor

There are online doctors available at the online healthcare service which provides examination and prescription. Often people neglect their health due to problems like money, conveyance, timings and long waiting lines. However, one should never overlook their health as even a minor sports injury can end up in deathly disease. Therefore, make sure you are seeing the doctor whenever you spot any unusual change in your health. If you cannot see the doctor in-person due to any of the previously mentioned problems like timings, affordability etc. then you can see a virtual doctor. Through telemedicine service, you can have a doctor examine your health on your laptop or Smartphone at affordable prices and convenient timings. However, before consulting any kind of online doctor on your Smartphone, there are several points which should be kept in mind.

Total cost and payment method to be understood beforehand

Before starting an online healthcare session, you must thoroughly realise how much it will be going to cost you. Usually, telemedicine costs less than in-person doctor’s visit, or it is the same, but it is never more costly than that. Also, make sure that you fully understand what the payment method works there is. Most of the time, the virtual healthcare is covered by the annual health plan, and the total amount of your telemedicine cut at the end of the year. However, if it is not the case then understanding the whole system before stepping into it is the right thing to do.

The technology used is accessible and you have probably used it before

Telemedicine is all about the technology. Therefore, you should be familiar and fluent with how to use it. It is perhaps precisely how FaceTime and Skype to work, and you have probably used the platforms before. For a successful telemedicine session, you need a stable internet connection and a laptop, or Smartphone or any computer pc. Make sure to have a gadget, or the camera which is of good quality as the doctor’s examination will depend on it and if he is not able to see you correctly, the analysis might messes up.

Emergency situations are not suitable for telemedicine

As convenient and flexible telemedicine is, it is still not appropriate for emergency situations. You can turn to an online doctor when you need help urgently, or the position is out of your control. Make sure to spare emergencies only for 911 and not telemedicine. If you rely on telemedicine for emergency cases, then you can get in trouble because telemedicine depends on internet connection and practical help. Emergency situations usually require in-person doctor’s assistance, and you cannot substitute that at any cost.

There are some benefits of telemedicine which you can enjoy

Telemedicine comes with its own set of perks for the consumer. The patients get quite many of the benefits when he avails the telemedicine service. These benefits usually include lab tests at home, reports delivery, vaccines at home, medicines delivery etc.  However, you would not be able to enjoy these perks if you are not aware of them. Make sure you go through the benefits section of your virtual doctor service and avail them too when required. The whole point of virtual healthcare is to make healthcare services more accessible and affordable for everyone. Therefore, you must avail the benefits to take advantage of the telemedicine technology fully.

Telemedicine or virtual doctor is what you exactly need for minor health issues

People who are extra careful with their health do not neglect even a minor health issue and see the doctor immediately. However, that is time-consuming and can be out of the budget as well. For such problems, you should opt for telemedicine and get immediate and convenient help at your home or office. The online doctor will prescribe you the proper medication and preventions. Similar is the case with people who get seasonal allergies or minor influenza virus. Visiting the doctor in-person is time-consuming, and people mostly have to wait for several days to get a simple checkup done for a small viral infection. With telemedicine, you can immediately consult a virtual doctor according to your convenience and get proper prescriptions for it.

Take advice from your in-person doctor before and after availing telemedicine service

Before going for the telemedicine service, make sure you discuss it with your in-person doctor. As the doctor understands the patient’s condition better and in detail, he would be able to suggest you whether or not it is appropriate for you to opt for virtual healthcare. There are some medical conditions which are not suitable for telemedicine, and only doctors can tell that better. Also, discuss your telemedicine experience with your doctor once you are done with the procedure. The doctor will let you know if you are going the right way or if telemedicine is not right for your medical situation.

Telemedicine is a convenient and affordable service which brings the doctor to a screen near to you. However, like everything in the world it has its pros and cons. You must be familiar with both the positive and the negative sides of the virtual healthcare to help yourself better. Considering above-mentioned points will also help you to decide better for going for the telemedicine service or not.

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