The Best Types of Power Banks – Guide & Overview

Since power banks are among the fastest growing charging electronics, there’s quite a lot of innovation happening with them. First off, let’s just summarize what a power bank is. A power bank is a portable charger that is able to charge wireless devices like smartphones and tablets wherever you go. Overall, power banks are changing the way we’re able to live our lives because we no longer have to be connected to a USB wall charger and wait for our devices to be charged up to a good point, Here You can know The Best Types of Power Banks.Best Types of Power Banks

Best Types of Power Banks:

Instead, our smartphones and other devices are able to charge as we use them and move around with them. All the restraints have been removed. With that said, now that power banks are very popular and are becoming increasingly popular; there are now many different types of power banks that are being created for somewhat different purposes.

That is why in this article I’ll be going over the most popular type of power banks and what their different features are.

Mini Power Banks

Power banks that are very small are among the most used type of power banks and that’s because they’re able to fit into a pocket and be held in your hand for long periods of time. The main reason that a power bank is small is because it has a low power capacity, a power capacity that’s low enough that it’s really only meant for charging your smartphones about 1 or 2 times before the power bank is out of power.

With that said, Mini power banks come in two main shapes. One shape being the cylindrical kind and the other one being the slim design. A Slim power bank is a more preferable option for a Mini power bank because it’s basically the same size as your smartphone and you can fit a slim power bank into your pocket along with your smartphone and charge it in your pocket. So even though Mini power banks lack as much power as other portable chargers; they still have very small sizes and light weights that allow them to be taken anywhere and anytime without any compromises.

High Capacity Power Banks

Power banks that have high power capacities aren’t nearly as popular as Mini power banks because since they have larger capacities, they’re larger and heavier. That is quite a problem for some, but for the most part, these power banks are still very useful.

That’s because along with their high power capacities the size is larger and the weight is higher. But it’s what you’re able to do with the increase in power that makes power banks like these quite great. The increase in power capacity means that you’re able to charge most devices a lot of times over without having to recharge the power bank so soon. Another reason these type of power bank are very useful is because they have lots of charging ports. The usage of many charging ports allows you to charge multiple devices at once.

There are some power banks that have 3 charging ports, which means that you can charge 3 devices at once, such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop all charging at one time. Another reason that these high capacity power banks are useful is because they make use of special charging techs like Quick Charge or USB-C. The usage of these technologies with compatible devices allow you charge those devices at max charging speeds.

Power Banks with Built-in Cables

Every charging electronic requires a charging cable. Even wireless chargers need charging wires in order to be powered. Most of us use a USB wall charger to charge our devices and with the use of power banks, you’re always going to be on-the-go. With that said, there are times that when you can grab your power bank, head out your door and forget to bring a charging cable. As a result, you’re just stuck with a useless power source. This is why there are power banks that have built-in charging cables, which means that the power bank that you have will always be reliable.

Power banks with built-in cables are extremely helpful because you just have to select the power bank that has your charging cables that you use the most and you’re good to go. Along with a single built-in cable, there are power banks that have more than one built-in cable. For example, there are power banks that may have a Micro-USB and Lightning cable; so you’re always going to have the ability to charge either an Android smartphone or iPhone. In addition to having cables that can charge your devices, a power bank with built-in cables also has built-in components that are able to recharge the power bank itself.

This is done by either having an AC Adapter or USB cable built right into the power bank so there’s no need for recharging the power bank using an external cable. Actually, there are power banks that have 2 built-in cables to charge your devices and also have built-in components that are able to recharge the power bank; so in the end, you don’t even need cables to use certain power banks.

Rugged Power Banks

Just like many electronics, power banks are quite fragile as when they drop on hard ground or get water on them, they will get damaged. With that said, that is why Rugged power banks exist, These type of portable chargers have reinforcements that allow them to take falls onto the hard ground without taking any damage. In addition to being tough, these Rugged power banks are also waterproof.

Waterproof power banks can mean quite a lot of things though because different Rugged power banks have different levels of waterproofing. Which is why you have to know what Enclosure level of a power bank is before you get it. For example, an Enclosure rating of IP65 is able to jets of water and not be immersed in water, or else it will get damaged. However, power banks that have an Enclosure level of IP68 can go for a swim and not be damaged.

It’s just important to remember that a power bank is only waterproof when the charging ports are covered by their coverings.

Car Jumper Power Banks

The last type of power bank on this list is Car Jumper power banks. Their purpose is right in the name as they’re able to jump start cars. There are quite a lot of different car jumper power banks because some have lower or higher Currents that they use to jump start different powered car.

In addition to being able to jump star vehicles, these type of power banks can, of course, charge your devices such as smartphone or tablets with their USB charging ports. There are even power banks that have the ability to power appliances because they have DC Output ports that can power small appliances like mini fridges or small fans.

Car Jumper power banks have many uses, and they’re one of those portable chargers that you’d keep inside of your car because you can jump start your car in case of an emergency, charge your devices, and power appliances. Another reason that it’s best to keep these type of power banks inside of your is because they’re really large and heavy too.

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