Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Entrepreneurship is the basic key ingredient for any business to become successful. The biggest companies in the world were once started by entrepreneurs with little knowledge about the future of their businesses. In Pakistan entrepreneurship and initiatives to start businesses are becoming common, day by day, So you can check here Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Pakistan’s technology industry has gained influence and popularity within the last few decades. Pakistan holds a larger scope for technological endeavors and technology-based eco-systems to exist in the economy. Pakistan is becoming a leading center for technology and entrepreneurship because of the efforts of the technical skills and knowledge of the entrepreneurs. Below, we discuss a few of the leading entrepreneurs in the field of technology.

Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

1. Adam Dawood

Adam Dawood is popular because of his innovative approach towards introducing many innovative ventures in Pakistan. His effort, in bringing to Pakistan, changed the e-commerce set up in the country. As a country manager for Kaymu, he earned recognition for his passion to encourage tech startup businesses in Pakistan.

Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He joined as a product manager because of his wide experience in commercial and tech industry of Pakistan. His contributions towards newsletter of “Tech Week are also remarkable.

2. Salim Ghauri

Salim Ghauri is the most popular name in the IT and tech industry of Pakistan. Mr. Ghauri is the initiator and creator of NetSol Technologies, which is the leading software house in Pakistan. He is one of the most experienced tech personalities in Pakistan, who holds an insight into the fields of entrepreneurship and IT. Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He initiated his own company in Pakistan when only a handful of people possessed knowledge about technology in the nation. His company is the most well-established technological businesses in Pakistan, providing outsourcing IT solutions throughout the world.

3. Khurram Zafar

Khurram Zafar has earned recognition for possessing knowledge and experiences in different fields of IT and technology industry in Pakistan. As a winner of the Best CIO in Pakistan, he has played a major role in making entrepreneurship a common phenomenon in Pakistan.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He has served on a number of projects including the Plan9 incubator in Pakistan. His role as a teacher at ITU and BNU has made him earn popularity as a motivated tech expert and has motivated many individuals to set their own business projects. He currently heads the “Center for Entrepreneurship” at LUMS.

4. Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara is one of the most highly esteemed female tech experts in Pakistan. With a career spanning almost over 3 decades, Madam Ara has cast influences on her intellect and skills in fields of IT, marketing, communication, software development and digital media platforms. She has brought fame not only to herself but to the nation as well. Serving in a number of projects and fields, she is considered as one of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in Pakistan.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

She is the driving force behind the leading software house, PASHA. Her expertise in making the cyber world more secure and safe has contributed several local and international projects. Her mission is to make Pakistan a solid base for business ventures to be started from.

5. Jazib Zaman

Jazib Zaman is an influential technology expert in the fields of IT and software industries in Pakistan. Starting his career from the world of WordPress, he soon began starting his own startup projects. Within a decade, he has established the foundations of the WordPress project, WPArena.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He serves as the CEO of the software house TechAbout that is working on a wide range of projects. His company aims to raise the standards for the quality of IT and technical solutions provided to clients worldwide.

6. Saad Hamid

Saad Hamid has earned recognition as a brilliant technology entrepreneur with expertise in building digital ecosystems. Previously, he has been popularly associated with the innovative team of Invest2Innovate. He has also founded the “Skills First” which aims to provide guidance to young and fresh graduates in the creative fields of technology and designing.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

His distinguishing approach towards assisting the youth by guiding them to grow emotionally and socially has brought a change in the mentality of youngsters.

7. Farhan Masood

Farhan Masood is probably the most talented technological scientists in Pakistan. He has earned vast recognition for bringing creativity in his work. He has developed and supported various IT-based business ventures. His efforts in the fields of cyber-security have been used in many projects.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

He is the founder of SoloInsight Inc and SoloTech Labs in Pakistan. He is also the innovator behind the campaign “Go Green Pakistan“.

8. Amir Atta

Amir Atta is amongst the finest data networking experts in Pakistan. He holds expertise in the field of journalism, e-marketing, SEO and insights into telecommunication industry. He is more primarily known for his website “ProPakistani” that aims towards bringing the latest information about the technology world to Pakistan.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Through the site, Mr. Amir aims to bring more awareness about the tech culture and the tech ventures in Pakistan.

9. Wahaj us Siraj

Mr. Siraj bears the title of the first provider of DSL network services to the nation. Five years later, he went on to find another company by the name of Naya Tel Pvt Ltd. This company is the provider of quality fiber lines for the first time in Islamabad.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

This revolutionary change, re-designed the internet access and usage of the city by connecting networks.

10. Farzal Dojki

Farzal Dojki is a creative leader in the IT industry of Pakistan. He is the founder of DotZero, which is the first co-working space project in Pakistan. The open platform welcomes business and tech associates from all fields to join the network.Top 10 Technology Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Mr. Farzal has notably achieved the success for helping many startup businesses to be launched in Pakistan. Starting his career from a small idea, he has managed to bring awareness about the concept of co-working to the technology and corporate societies of Pakistan.

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