Why You Should not use iOS App Design for Android

We live in the world of apps and we have at least one app for any purpose a mobile can do. Looking at the ongoing trends, businesses have preferred building iOS apps over others. But this outlook is changing now.  Android, due to its largest market share, is also becoming part of app-suite of businesses. A number of mobile app development companies are out there providing services. They are assisting you in materializing your iOS, Android or Windows app idea. Of course, you will prefer the top of them but when you hire a top app development company, it’s supposed to use latest tools and programming technologies to build apps. Now check here Why You Should not use iOS App Design for Android.Why You Should not use iOS App Design for Android

Why You Should not use iOS App Design for Android

The most critical point in implementing mobility at a business – which already has an iOS app and now it also wants its Android version – is how to do this. If you ask this from iOS developers, they will simply suggest you porting the existing iOS app to Android platform. But porting doesn’t always work and your app may not be fully compatible with Android devices. Reasons are more than one.

Best recommendation is that you should not port iOS app design to Android. Here are some reasons:

If iOS design doesn’t fit Android, things will go upside down.

Expert mobile app developers know that what is the best way to avoid this situation but there are some inexperience developers which neglect it. A single app will need dedicated design for different platforms. You need to abide by this rule or, otherwise, your iOS app design will not be compatible with all sorts of Android deices. Users will not find such app easy to handle and ultimately, they will uninstall it. Design of an app is the first thing users notice and if it doesn’t excite them, they will uninstall it.

Reasons why developers port iOS app to Android

  • Budge Restriction – Businesses do things as per the budget they have. Often time, they focus more on iOS mobile strategy and less on Android. In this situation, developers may suggest a business to create iOS app and port if to Android.
  • Brand Creation – Business may be suggested to stick to the single design for the sake of brand but it’s not a good idea at all. If iOS and Android are two different platforms, their app will naturally be different from each other and so does the design.
  • General perception – You may think that if you already have iOS app, it’s better to port its design to Android rather than starting from the scratch.

Author Bio :- James Stewart is a digital marketing expert in Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides Android and iOS app development services across the global. He loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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