4 Possible Reasons why your MacBook is so slow and how to fix it

Mac books are not only very handy but also very convenient in use. That is why most of the wants to or owns a MacBook for ourselves or our family. Since you can use it for many reasons, the Macbook usually gets slow in just a few months. For that reason, you have to take it your repairing shop or professional and get it repaired as well. It is not only a lengthy and expensive process but also you might have a risk to lose your documents and data when leaving your MacBook in other’s hand.how to fix slow Macbook

How to Fix Slow Macbook

On the other hand, you can check the issues by yourself and solve the problem too. There are few simple clean up and Macbook maintenance tricks that can help in getting your Mac back on track. Since the user itself can resolve the slower speed of the MacBook, you can check for the reasons given below and get started to update the speed too.

Reason 1: Hard drive of your MacBook is almost full:

It is a common reason for the MacBooks; the hard drives get full over the passage of time because of downloading and making data backup that is why there is not enough space left in the hard drive of Macs. You can check the space of you is by clicking on the Apple menu > now select about this Mac > soon check “More Info” > select “Storage” to get the complete space information of your hard disk.

Most of the users of Mac the storage space if full due to the large video. Files, huge pictures and music file stored on the Macbook. Unlike many other hard drives and computers, Macbook has relatively less storage space on the hard drive other traditional devices. The store of the MacBook can easily fill by the library of iPhoto; even you have 64GB 128GB SSD. Therefore the primary reason for the slowing the device is the storage of Macbook.


There can be few solutions to this issue:

  1. Find and delete unwanted large files from the Mac.
  2. Delete all the unwanted and unused data too such as videos, apps, photos, etc.
  3. Get an external hard drive and transfer all the extra data to it.
  4. Now you can empty the trash can of your apps to get more space such as iPhoto, movie, Mail, etc.
  5. You can also download the MacClean which is smart Mac cleaning software designed to remove all the junk files from Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and many other places.

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Reason 2: you don’t have enough RAM:

The other common cause behind the lagging and hanging of the Mac is the low RAM, usually, the Macs are ship with the Ram between 4GB and 16GB. Therefore mostly when you have RAM between 4 to 8GB, your device will be running quite low and have issues inadequately launching the programs as well as loading documents and pages. That is why you need to check and upgrade the Ram if you have don’t have enough, check the Ram by the Activity Monitor application and System Memory and have a look at the details. If your chart is majorly red to orange that means you would need more RAM.


You can solve this issue by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Terminal, Application, and Utilities.
  2. Now enter the command, Purge and tab enter
  3. Your Mac will complete the process within few minutes
  4. Reopen the Activity Monitor to compare the before and after results and see how much Ram space is free from the System Memory.

Reason 3: many logins that are unneeded

Since Mac is using many applications at the same time, many of those are left unclose that is why the speed gets slower. The apps and services are logins even when they are not needed and at the time of closing and shut down it takes much more time than it should.


You can close and log out the apps within few minutes, follow the steps to do so:

  1. Open the System Preferences and choose the Users and Groups.
  2. Now select the Login items, and you can access the apps which are login each time your Mac is turned on.
  3. You can now choose the apps you don’t want to login each time and remove them by selecting the minus button below.

Reason 4: many apps on the Mac desktop

Every file and app on your Mac takes space in your storage that is why when you’re desktop have many apps and items it will make your Mac slower. The primary reason for overloaded apps and things on your desktop can be the reason for slowing down your device as well as reduce the performance because of taking much time in loading all the apps.

Also, fewer apps and items on the desktop will help in improving the speed of the Mac and perform faster.


Removing the apps and items from the desktop is very easy and quick; all you have to do is clean up the desktop. The first thing you have to do is delete the files and folders you don’t want anymore, clean the data and empty the trash can when it is done. You can also classify the data on your Mac and move those files in the particular folder as well. Rename the folders so that you can find those data when you need it.

The above mentioned solutions will definitely help you speed up your Macbook and eliminate the lag. For more such tech tips make sure to visit Techno Phile’s Blog. The site has a multitude of articles providing new tech tips and hacks that will make your life easy and productive.


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