How to Calculate the Cost to Build an App that Manages Your Business

Are you an Entrepreneur? Do you travel across the seas and ocean for creating your brand awareness and bring more projects? It must have been difficult for you to manage your business on the go? Right? Here You can know; Calculate the Cost to Build an App.

Though there are various B2B management apps like LinkedIn, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce mobile, and Skype, it is far better to have your own customized business-centric application. An app that renders you the features and services of your employees and you need for business growth. An application that your employees can access easily and remain connected with you throughout. Don’t you agree? In case your reply is no, check here the benefits of custom Business app solution to manage your organization.

Calculate the Cost to Build an App

Building a business mobile application is a profitable, mind-boggling yet time-consuming event. You need to take various serious decisions and face numerous challenges. However, the first question that startles even an experienced CEO is – How much does it cost to build an app?

Though there is no particular figure to be defined as the answer to this question since the costing varies based on the efforts and time employed in the process. However, you can get an estimate for finding the cost to build an app for your enterprise by considering the following factors:

1- App Discovery: You framed an app idea for your enterprise, but is it feasible? Will your business get any benefit from this investment? The best method to find out is to do extensive market research and perform a competitive analysis. See if your competitors or anyone in your industry using the similar kind of application. Based on the insights gained, go ahead.

2-App Platform: The general costing for Enterprise mobile app development varies between $50,000 and $1,75,000. However, this variation can be more based on the platform you choose to target provided what platform your employees are using on their devices. If you are building an app for Android, it might cost you more because of platform fragmentation. Whereas, an iOS application might take up more hours based on stringent guidelines of Apple.

3- App Design: Another factor that can raise or cut down the cost to make a mobile app is its UI design. If you are okay with an app with a boring yet useful appearance, it takes only 150 hours max. But, if you want your application to be pleasing, interactive, designed as per the market trends, and full of animations, the app design itself will consume about 400 hours of the team.

4- Location: You must be wondering what is the role of location in this discussion about how much does it cost to develop an app, right? Well, location plays a pivotal role in this context. As per my experience in this industry, the costing varies from place to place. A mobile app development company in India and other Asian nations might deliver app development services at an hourly rate of $18-$40, whereas the same application might cost you $100-$150 per hour in the USA. This is the prime reason why business leaders outsource their app needs to developing countries like India.

5- Mobile App Development Company: The cost to build an app also depends on the skills, experience and size of the app team you hire. If you connect with a freelancer or a small-scale agency with 10-50 members, the mobile app development cost would be reduced to $2,000 to $25,000. A medium-size mobile app development firm having 500-1000 experts will charge $25,000 to $2,00,000 for the same app project whereas a large established app firm with 3000+ developers will demand $450,000 to $1,500,000 for delivering exquisite app solutions.

6- App Coding: The app coding price depends on the time required for the same, which directly depends on the app complexity, the number of screens, the navigation flow, and the technologies integrated into the development process. More the complicated application, more time and funds it will demand.

7- App Testing: It is imperative to test your application using the cutting-edge tools and solve the issues generated, which consumes considerable hours. Besides, not all the tools are free to use, which implies it also takes away a share in the cost to build a mobile app. In addition to this, the time is taken to solve the issue and make your app ready to launch also adds to the total app price.

8- App Launch: While Google asks for a one-time fee of $25 to launch an Android mobile app, the App Store charges an annual fee of $99 for publishing an iOS app.

9- App Marketing: While there are some free marketing mediums available, some ask for a hefty amount. So, the cost of promoting your application also adds to the cost to create an app.

10- App Maintenance and Update: As per the mobility experts, the maintenance process takes 1/4th of the app development cost, whereas the app update price depends highly on the features, technologies, and changes you make into the existing process.

For a more detailed knowledge about the cost to build an app, contact the top mobile app experts in your region or network. They will help you find out the cost of your customized application. Good Luck!

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