How to boost and secure home wifi

A wireless network lets you get online from your tablet or laptop anywhere in home without connect with the help of cables. But sometimes, your WiFi signals were weak and you have to struggle to pick it up certain room. In this post, you will learn that how to boost and secure home WiFi, So You can know How to boost and secure home wifi.boost and secure home wifi

Tips to Boost and Secure Home Wifi

The Right Location

Thick walls are considered as enemy of WiFi. Mostly, they block the signals. You have to position your WiFi device so its signal have few obstacles. In short, it needs to have plenty of clear space around it. You have to put it on some shelf or on a desk but keep in mind that it’s away from electrical interference from other wireless devices.

Update Your Software

Manufacturers or developers often introduce new software or driver updates for you wireless device. So you have to keep track of all these. These updates may include the improvement of security and stability.

Reset On A Schedule

Majority of technical problems can be solved up by simply reset or reboot your modem or wireless device on regular basis (It’s most probably the first thing, your internet provider will ask if there is any issue). Moreover, if you have an outlet timer then simply set a time once a day to restart your device.

Adjust Your Routers Antennas

Mostly routers consist of two antennas on the top but some have also only one. If your router antennas are parallel then change it to perpendicular. WiFi works best when the signals are in parallel to the device internal antennas, which are vertical in desktop PC or horizontal in laptops. But in case of mobile devices, things were little bit different because internal antennas of mobile depends on the position of mobile. Keeping a router antennas perpendicular will result good connection between wireless device and your mobile or laptop.

Buy A Repeater

Every WiFi router have different range of signals but mostly have 150 feet. If you are living in big house then you might face problem with the signals of WiFi. Then the best option for you to buy a repeater and plug into any wall. This will increase the strength of your WiFi signals.

How to secure home Wireless network

If you have an open network then there will be some security risk as other people were also have access to your device. So to make a connection more secure then follow some useful tips:

Change Default Password

Make sure that your router password is not default one. If there is a default password then it will be easily guessed and use by anyone. You have to set a strong password in order to make it secure. You can easily change password through router setup.

If available use WPA, not WEP

Nowadays, many router will give three types of security to secure your network. These are WEP, WPA, WPA2. Recommended to use WPA or WPA2 the WEP because it is more secure then the other one. However, for comparability with some older devices, WEP is the only security option, but using this type means no security at all.

Change the default SSID name

SSID identifies your wireless network. By default, the SSID name is same as your router tag name in mostly cases. Using the same name is a big risk because the attacker easily knows what type of router it is through SSID name and how to attack or hack it. So you have to be careful.

Enable Router Firewall

If you enable firewall of your router, then this will add an extra layer of security to your wireless network. Many routers nowadays also have a firewall that can be enabled.

Enable WiFi MAC filter

WiFi MAC filter is very useful because if you put your phone’s MAC address in the filter list then it will be the only device which can be connect with your wireless network. It means that you have complete access of who will connect with your network. This feature will improves the overall security.

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Disable remote login

The default username of mostly routers were admin. The password can be hacked easily if the username were known. But mostly routers have disabled this option as a default. Make sure to confirm this disable while setting up your router. If you need to change any settings further then you can do this through router setup.



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