7 Tips to buy the Best Portable Power Bank in India

It is no doubt that, We all want the best. Be it products, smartphones,  gadgets or any other thing. When it comes to power banks, they are becoming more and more important as the time is passing. You should choose the Best Portable Power Bank to buy.

Wondering why, Let me explain…Best Portable Power Bank

Best Portable Power Bank

As the smartphones are enhancing, the need to buy the best portable power banks is also increasing. Day by day smartphones are producing way high results than any other devices. They are producing high quality graphics as well as high quality videos etc.

As the quality is increasing day by day, the opposite is the case with Battery of your smartphone. They are getting tons of load due to high usage and there by getting degraded day by day.

Fortunately enough there is a solution that you can adopt to solve this problem which is the usage of power banks.

Are you wondering what is power bank?

Power Banks are devices that are used to store the electrical energy inside their batteries. The concept is very simple.

Let me break it down to the simplest level for you…

What we do is first we connect our power bank to the main electric supply with the help of the usb cable charger that is provided with the power bank.

After that what we do is that first we transfer the electrical energy to the power bank. After that when ever we are in need of transferring the energy to our smartphone, then we do that very easily with the help of the usb cable.

See, the process is very simple, right.

Now as everyone wants the best in everything, you also want to buy the best power banks in india, is it? Well there is only one problem that what are the factors that you need to consider while buying the best power bank in india for your smartphone right?

Let me break it down into 7 simpler steps for you…

  1. Capacity of the Power Bank

Let us first talk about what role does capacity of the power bank play in making the power bank the best one for you.

It is crystal clear.

If you have a smartphone that has a capacity of 3000 mAh then in order to charge your smartphone twice fully, you are going to need a power bank with 10000 mAh Capacity.

The higher the capacity the better the power bank is.

All in all we can conclude that in order to buy the power bank you need to figure out what is the best capacity that you want in your power bank and there by make the buying decision

2. Current Ratings

This is also a core factor that you need to consider while buying a power bank for your smartphone because if your smartphone doesnt have an input rating similar to the power banks one then it wont be functional. Hope that you are able to figure out what i am trying to convey

3. Number of USB Output Ports

Next up a factor that determines a power banks success is the number of output ports. Well if you want to charge more than one smartphone devices at the same time then you need to buy a power bank which supports two or more than two output ports.

If you buy a power bank that has a single output port then it wont be of much use as then you wont be able to use it to your expectations

4. Portability

One of the most important deciding factors in power bank’s success is its portability. If your power bank doesnt have a portability feature then you are surely missing a lot.

An ideal power bank should be the one that is light weighted and there by becoming portable.

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Well, a power bank should be very easy to carry with ourselves as this is the one of the most important deciding factors that determines a power bank success. A Power Bank is to be carried away with our selves in any location.

5. Battery Cell Types

There are two types of batteries that can be found in the power banks. One is lithium ion battery and the other one is lithium polymer battery.

You need to figure out which battery you want in your power bank.

6. Safety

Safety precautions are a must now a days.

Usually almost every power bank is now a days coming with safety measures like over charging, short circuit, over voltage protection and so on. Auto switch feature is also coming in a lot of power banks now a days which is a huge advantage.

7. Branding

It is very important to buy a branded power bank.

Brand plays a very important role in enhancing the features as usually a brand try to provide almost every feature in a power bank.

I hope that this guide has helped you to make your power bank buying decision the best one.


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