Why Android Smartphones still better than iPhone

In the world of Android Smartphones and operating systems, Android is now nearly ten years old. It has been a good time for android since it release with a total of 84.7% market share. Now its market share is 44.07% till May 2018 which is also above them all the Operating Systems market share present in market. The iphone was extremely popular at launch, even though it was an AT&T exclusive only. When Verizon launched the Motorola Droid, they directly aimed at what the Motorola phone’s do that Iphone couldn’t. From that day, any phone that could dethrone the iphone and earn the title of “Iphone killer” would have to be one amazing phone.Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

But in today’s market, there is no such case. Android and iphone are both most popular smartphones. No one chases on other but the only major goal remained is to keep the brand on top by showing the best feature on costumer’s demand.
Well, I am not kind of iPhone hater despite that here I am giving some of the facts that can clearly shows that android is still the king of smartphones’ market.

Plenty of Choices

The main and preferable point of android is that you can get a sheer variety of Android smartphones from top trusted manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and Motorola and so on. You can also choose the phone of your choice, the screen, the camera, the design or a physical keyboard like Blackberry. Infact you get the features that an Apple iphone can’t provide you like micro SD card option, removable battery. If you can find all these in one phone, then who will want to lose the plenty of money on single iphone.


The most favorite thing about Android devices is the feature of customization. While Apple wants to keep control of default apps in order to maintain a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android lets you pick your own level of customization. Everybody loves the amazing live wallpapers, plenty of keyboards design and launchers that are allowed by Android to be downloaded by third party easily.


Android’s widgets are also the other amazing things google offers. Widgets are the important part of every android phone and it does not only make your phone appearance cool but also helps to access the apps with single touch. Android offers all sorts of widgets that you can put on your homescreen. These widgets might be anything like custom clock, weather, custom alarms, flashlight, tools and so much more.

Google Services

Android devices integrate with Google’s provided services. People are increasingly using their devices to go online and Google is the King of the web. Google Doc, Google Maps, and Google Drive all the services are helping the people while Apple IOS is not keeping it. The play store by Google is also the most fantastic store ever created. The store is user-friendly and offers every kind of app that you want.

Price for everyone

Unlike iPhone, Android are the devices that every single person can afford easily. A wide variety of smartphones from hundreds of manufacturers means that you can get the android phone according to your budget. Affordability has been a key driver for Android dominance over smartphone market. If you want a device in reasonable price with all the functions of futuristic smartphone then Android really maybe your only choice.

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