7 Odd But Amazing WhatsApp Features You May Not Know

WhatsApp is currently enjoying the top spot in the social networking apps. And in order to maintain its standards, WhatsApp is constantly rolling out new features. These features intend to make the user experience more satisfying. This write up shows 7 of WhatsApp features which you may not know or have used yet.WhatsApp Features

Uncommon But Amazing WhatsApp Features:

WhatsApp is really an amazing app. The main reason behind its widespread popularity is the host of features it provides. But following are some of the uncommon WhatsApp Features which make our lives easier yet are less known.

1. Data Usage of Your Calls:

This feature is, without  a doubt, really amazing. Now you can check your Whatsapp data usage for each call both audio and video. In order to check the data usage for your calls, go to the calls option and then tap into the particular call. This feature can help you track your data usage. Further, I was shocked to see that almost half hour of Whatsapp audio call took only 6 MBs of data. This means that WhatsApp allows you to stay connected with your loved ones while keeping your data budget to a minimum,

2. Cropping videos while sending:

Most of you must have the idea that images can be cropped from WhatsApp. But you can even crop the videos while sending it via WhatsApp. When you go send a video and attach it into your WhatsApp, at that point you can crop it. This feature supports the cropping either from the start or from the end, but not in between. This can be useful if you wish to share only a portion of the video with your contacts and do not want to share the complete video. In addition to that, if your video is big enough, you can trim it into portions to send it to your contacts.

3. Storage Usage For Each Chat:

In your account settings, under Data and Storage Usage option, you can find the itemized details of the storage usage from each chat. This can also reveal your chatting behavior. Also, you can get the idea which of your chats are active and which of them are idle. This feature can come in handy if you wish to clean up your space. In some case you may want to know which chat is eating up space of your phone memory.

4. Deleting Sent Message:

This is really a wow feature WhatsApp has recently rolled out. If you have sent a message by mistake, you can easily delete your message for your recipient as well. But there is one condition to avail this feature. In case of personal chats, your recipient must haven’t read the message. Whereas, for group chat, any of the members have not read the message. If the message has been read by all the recipients, and blue ticks appear, then you cannot delete the message for others.

5. Delivered and Seen Times for your Messages:

This WhatsApp feature is available for quite some time now. But a lot of people still don’t know about it. Actually, this feature allows you to track the delivery status of your messages. If the recipient has turned off the read recipient, then you cannot view the time on which they saw your message in personal chats. However, read recipients are always available for the group chats. Further, you can even know to whom your message was delivered and when did each of them saw your message. So, no more excuses of not seeing your message. You can long press a particular message and go to info option to check delivered and seen times of your messages.

6. Image Compression:

Have you ever noticed that an image sent from Whatsapp has far more smaller size than the original one? If not yet, then take a look at it now. Whatsapp implies image compression algorithm on your images. But what’s the big deal about it? Actually, the biggest catch is that it compresses your images in such a way that it retains the perceptual quality. Also, it does so quite quickly. And yeah, you do not need to do anything to get this feature. This is automatically run whenever you send a picture.

 7. Creating and Restoring Backups:

Among all of the WhatsApp Features discussed so far, this feature is really on top. Suppose you are going to change your phone, and you wish to move all the chats, media, documents, i.e. everything in your WhatsApp, from your older phone to the new one. Then this feature comes in handy. You can make a backup of your WhatsApp chats on your Google drive. This can be done by going in Account Settings, Chats and Chats Backup. When you are ready with backup, install the WhatsApp on your new phone.
Configure it with the same number and use same Google Account. WhatsApp will automatically prompt you to download the backup. You can also keep your videos backed up on Google drive. Although, it will take up more internet bandwidth, but this literally means that you can backup everything.

Final Remarks on WhatsApp Features:

WhatsApp is currently an industry leader in the social networking and will do so if it maintains its standards and respects the privacy of its users. These amazing WhatsApp Features surely make it stand out of the lot. If I have missed any of your favorite WhatsApp Features, then share yours with us in the comments section below.

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