5 Tips to Keep off Your Kids from Gadgets

Information and technology have revolutionized the whole world. It has turned the world into a global village. But alongside the ease and comfort that come with such advancements, there are also a lot of problems associated with them. The overuse of these gadgets and electronic devices are deteriorating our relationships, health and happiness. All in all, this is making us less of a human. The saddest part is that our kids are among the worst sufferers of this whole scenario.Gadgets

Adverse Effects of Gadgets Overuse on kids:

Gadgets overuse in kids has been linked to various problems. Researches show that kids who are excessively bound to tech devices tend to have speech disorder, mental and physical growth issues and other psychological problems. Also, sitting long hours and sticking to the tech devices cause your kids to become lazy and less energetic. All of this contributes to a poor mental and physical health.

Limiting Kid’s Gadgets Usage:

Due to the above mentioned reasons, kids should not be allowed to use gadgets at all until a certain. Most experts recommend that kids under 12 years of age should be kept away from all kinds of electronics. Afterwards, they can be given some access but under parental guidance. The problem is that, in today’s world it is a daunting task to keep children off from them. But if you play smartly then you can surely get your kid’s hands off the gadgets  The idea is to divert your kids’ energy to more healthy activities. So, here are five useful tips to help you out in this matter.

1. Urge Them to Read Books:

Book reading is a very good habit. And developing this habit from a tender age is extremely beneficial. Urge your children to read books based on moral stories, comics, fairy tales, religious, historical or any other book suitable to your kid’s age and liking. It would be a plus if you read out with them as well. This will not only increase their interest in book reading, but will also improve your bonding with your kids.

2. Get Them Some Physical Exercise:

Physical exercise is very important for better growth and development of kids. So, take him to swimming or cycling with you. Allow him to play cricket, hockey, football or any other sports he likes with his friends. Skipping rope can be a good indoor alternative. Tiring physically will also help him get a sound sleep. But with lots of physical activities, do not forget to keep a check on his nutrition and hydration.

3. Buy Toys to Enhance Their Creativity:

There are various toys available in the market which enhance the creative acumen in the kids. Toys like Lego compel the children to create unique and attractive designs using different coloured and sized blocks. Similarly, puzzle games can develop pattern matching skills of your kids. Nowadays, there are a plethora of attractive toys available which can help in cognitive development of your kids. But please bear in mind that more toys mean more mess. But, as long as your child is learning something, this mess is worth it.

4. Tell Them Moral Stories:

Story telling has become a dying tradition these days. Instead of giving your child a tablet or phone to play before going to bed, it is a nice idea to tell them moral based, historical or religious stories at their bedtime. Not only will your kids love it, they will also learn a lot from these stories. And above all they will come more closer to you.

5. Take Them for an Outing:

Going out for excursion refreshes your mind and body. It has even more impact on the kids. A trip to the park or a visit to some worth seeing place once a week is enough to rejuvenate your mental and physical strength.

It also gives a day off to you and your family from these tech devices to spend some time with each other.

Final Remarks:

In the end, I would like to reiterate that kids should be kept away from gadgets as much as possible. They should be taught to interact with the people rather than machines. And the above stated tips would come in handy in that regard. Other than that you must spend quality time with them to develop a strong and friendly relation. So make your family a priority.

Happy parenting to you all!

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