What is JAVA ? Java History and Features

If you are in the field of programming then you probably have heard about Java programming Language.It is one of the famous and popular language use by professional Developers in all over the world. Keeping in mind its popularity, I thought it would be beneficial for Java Beginners If I will write a brief overview about it, So you can know about Java History and Features.Java History and Features

Java History and Features

So here is the complete article which briefly define What is JAVA ? Java History and its Features.

What is JAVA:

Introduced in 1991,Java is a General Purpose Programming language.The term General purpose Programming language refers to a language which is not restricted to any specific application rather it can be used to develop and design a wide variety of computer application. Java can be used to develop Standalone Applications, Games, Web Applications, Mobile Applications,Desktop Applications,Embedded Systems and Many more.Java is also used a core language to develop Andriod Apps.

History of Java:

The main idea of the development emerged when a hardware vendor company Sun Micro-system realized the need of Programming language which could run anywhere on ay device.As before Java, C++ was used by Sun micro-system to develop software for their device hardware.The main issue in C++ was that it was not Platform Independent which means if a programmer writes a c++  code in one machine then that same code will not run on other platform/hardware. The programmer has to make some changes to that code every time when he wants to run that same code on another platform.Sun micro-system quickly realized this issue and thus they decided to develop a language which would run anywhere regardless of the Platform.

[Note:Platform can be operating system or it can be a hardware)

Keeping in mind this scenario,a small team of Engineers lead by James Gosling started to develop this project and finally the language which could run where was created in 1991.It was first named OAK and later on in 1995 its name was changed to Java.

In 1995 Sun micro-system released first public version of Java which contained  all the development tools for the development of Java Programs.Till now ,there are many version of Java has been released so far.

On 27 January 2010, Sun Micro-system was  acquired by Oracle Corporation based on an agreement of 7.4 Million US dollars.
Features of Java:

Java was developed by keeping in mind some important features,some of the most important features of java are:

If you are familiar with C++,then you will find Java as Simplest Language then C++ because of its simple and easy to use syntax.

Object Oriented Programming:

Java is an almost 100% Object Oriented Programming language which makes it so powerful language than other procedural programming languages.

Portable (Platform Independent):

Java language is Platform Independ/Portable language which means Write One and Use Anywhere. Unlike C++ in which code is directly converted into Machine language which is specific to the system specification.It means that same code will not run on another platform.

But in java same code can be run on any system without any changes by using JVM which is software but it act like a virtual CPU.Read more about JVM here.


Java is secure because Java Program runs in JVM which takes care of the security.One must have to install Java to run any Java Application.So if a hacker tries to code a malicious program on Java then JVM will not allow him to do that.


Robust means reliable so Java is so reliable language because of it fault and error detection and tolerance.Some of the main features which make it robust are Garbage Collection(In which unused objects and classes are automatically destroyed to save memory),Exception handling(ability to maintain the normal flow of the program even if an error has occurred) and much more.


So that was was a brief overview of What is JAVA ? Java History and its Features. Although, C#which is another popular language and an almost exact copy of Java has replaced most of the portion of the market but still Java future is so bright.

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