“Is ios better Than Android? Still one of the best topic to argue on

One of the toughest situations a person has to face is his/her first choice of a smartphone. It’s like Choosing between Messi and Ronaldo for awarding them with the best footballer Accolade . In order to make up your mind you have to examine the merits and de-merits of these Smartphones closely, So you should know: Is ios better Than Android?Is ios better Than Android

Is ios better Than Android:

Let’s have a comparison between these two categories of smartphones:

  1. First of all let’s compare them on the basis of their prices as they are one of the most important factors which influence the decision of a buyer. Androids are usually purchased by those people who are looking to save their money as these smartphones are cheaper in price when compared with the Iphones.
  2. The second feature which can be used in order to compare these smartphones is hardware. Apple is the only company manufacturing iphones so it has the Hardware and software under its control but due to many companies involved in the production of  androids there is alot of variance in the appearance and working of these smartphones.
  3. The third feature in the list is the battery life. When it comes to the battery life iphone is yet again the dominant , consistency of the battery life of iphone making it far more superior than the Android.
  4. Both of these smartphones provide us with numerous apps but the advantage that iphone provides in this case is that it has only one App store which has verified apps where as Android phones have different app stores apart from their original app store. This results in the android users ending up with unverified apps.
  5. If we talk about the downloading, Iphone users can have a very strenuous time in downloading Songs & Videos. On the other hand , Android users  are always one touch away from downloading any song or Video. Android users are also on the brighter side if they want to download a Movie because they only have to Install a torrent and turn on the download for the movie they wish to watch.
  6. One of the biggest advantages an android has over Iphone is sharing. You can share any kind of file with other phones via Bluetooth , But unfortunately if you are an Iphone owner this is not the case ; You will only have the airdrop option which can be used to transfer files from one Iphone to another.
  7. The help & support provided by these smartphones can also be talked about when comparing them. For android users there is no proper forum where they can seek help from but the Apple users can seek help from the useful articles available at the Apples website.

In conclusion we can say that both of these smartphones have their own advantages & disadvantages , A person has to consider them before buying a smartphone.

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