How to to Increase Organic Traffic for Your Blog

Google Webmaster tools me Search Queries page bohut important hota hai Jahan webmaster check kar sakta hai k Google ki kis search k against user ne aap ki site ki kis Url par jump kiya hai, Or Site k most visited pages check kiya ja sakta hai. By Default, Google 30 days ka searching data show karta hai, but date change kar k previous data ki report bhi check ki ja sakti hai.

How to See Search Queries page:
1. Webmaster tools home page par ja k specified site par click karen.
2. left side par exist search traffic >> search queries par click karen.

Elements of Search Queries Data:
Google Webmaster tools me Search queries ki report k main elements niche diye gae han.
Ye kisi specified period me Total Search queries hoti han Jo kisi user ko site par jump karwati han. Ye Kisi bhi specific user ki search result me display hony wali query filter k sath change hoti rehti hai, For example; user ki or par same query submit karny se result change ho ga.
Kisi website k koi se pages jitni bar search results me display hon ge, Wo Impressions kehlaen ge. Webmaster tools k through aap Impression ko increase / decrease hoty check kar sakty han.
Koi user aap ki site k kisi link par jitni bar click kary, wo site owner k record me add ho jaty han, Jis ko webmaster tools k through check kar sakty han.
Its mean “Click through rate” Ye aap ki site k result k through generate hony waly impressions ka percentage hota hai. Ye bhi increases / decrease hota rehta hai.
Average position:
Kisi query k liye aap ki site ki search results page me display hony wali average position, Is ka status bhi time to time change hota rehta hai. Green color indicate karta hai k aap ki site top position ki taraf improve hoe hai. Average position check karny k liye hum kisi top ranking URL ko particular query / keyword k liye check karty han. Historical data 90 din se zyada check kiya ja sakta hai, Jab k change data kisi khas time period k liye 30 days se kam hi display karwaya jata hai.

Filtering Query Data:
By Defalt to Search Queries ki report me all searches ki query ka status ek sath hi display hota hai, agar aap Filter ko select kar k specific search query ka status check kar sakty han. Kisi query ki additional information (like; Google searching result page me aap k page ki position or URL returning search etc.) check karny k liye webmaster tools me exist “Query” par click karen. Query me aap ki site k searching engine k results me show hony waly all pages ki details like; Impression, click or CTR provide ki jati han, Isi tarha position column se check kiya ja sakta hai k kisi specific position k liye aap ki site kitni bar search me appear ho chuki hai, For example;  Agar position one k 40 impressions han to is ka matlab ye hai k kisi bhi query se 40 searches esi hoe han jin k against show hony waly results me aap ki site position one par display hoe hai. Search query k page par Jo bhi filter use kiya jae usi k against query ki details show hon gi.
How to Use “Search Queries Data”
Data aap ki site se related valuable information provide karta hai, So hum kuch actions aap ko recommend karty han.
Check Query For expected or UN-expected keywords:
Agar aap k koi expected keywords search query me appear nai howy to is ka matlab ye hai aap ki site par un keywords se related koi useful content nai hai. Agar koi unexpected keywords like; Viagra, casino etc appear hon to is ka clearly mean ye hai k aap ki site hack ho gae hai.

Identify the Impressions to Improve Site Content:
Web Development or Search Engine Optimization me bohut se tools hai jin k through webmaster apny content ko searching results me zyada se zyada attractive tareeqy se display kar sakta hai, ta k user aap ki site par click karen.

You know, Search Results me aap k page ka title, Url or Meta description appear hota hai, Is liye koi bhi content publish karny se pehly, make sure kar len k Title, Url or Meta description content se related hai.

Set Your Site for desktop and Mobiles Versions:
Agar koi site k desktop or Mobile versions exist hon to Us k theme k sath sath content ko bhi regular base par set karty rehen, So that it’s search show properly at any device. Query me Mobile devices se aany waly clicks or impressions bhi show hoty han.
How to Increase Google Page Rank For Your Blog
Search Query Data:
Webmaster tools har query ki information provide karty han, but ye Search Queries page par show usi waqt hoti han jab Google k diye gae threshold tk puhunch jae. Webmaster tools me display hony wala data Google Analytic jesy other tools se thorha sa different ho sakta hai, Jis ki bohut si reasons ho sakti hai, For example;
1. Google ka data processing source change hony ki waja se stats different ho sakta hai, but is ki changes itni important nai hoti.
2. Google Analytic or Isi tarha k Kuch Other tools sirf us user ko track karty han jis k browser me JavaScript enable ho.
3. Some tools, Keywords ki details kuch different dety han, For example; Google AdWords ka keyword tool kisi keyword ki world wide web par total searches ko display karta hai, Jab k Webmaster tools ka search queries page ye display karta hai k kitny esy keyword search howe han jin k against Google Search Results me aap ka koi page show howa ho,(Zahir hai kisi site k keyword, total browse hony waly pages se kam honty han).
4. Query data collecting, Counting or publishing k time me difference hony se stats change ho jata hai, Normally 2 se 3 din bad collect kar k update kiya jata hai.

5. User ki privacy ki protection k liye Google all data ko collect nai karta, For example; Google Privacy ki waja se kisi bohut hi small, personal ya secsitive query ko track nai karta.
6. Different Tools ka Time Zone change hony ki waja se Search Queries ka daily data update hony me late ho sakta hai, Isi waja se daily view bhi match nai karty.

Author’s View:
You know, Google ek Popular Search Engine hai, Is liye kisi bhi site ya blog ki mostly traffic Google k search engine se hi aati hai. World Top Other Search Engines Google algorithm ko hi follow karty han, So Webmasters k liye Google Webmaster Tools study karna bohut zaroori han. Agar aap webmaster tools ko use nai kar sakty to apny blog/ site ki proper optimization bhi nai kar sakty, Or without SEO koi bhi blog create karny ka koi faeda nai.
I shared Some Google tools For Webmasters, If you know more about it please comment & feedback for any suggestion.

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