5 Useful Tips on How to Write an Effective CV

Writing an Effective CV (Curriculum Vitae) is of utmost importance in your career path. It is your first ticket in the organization you love to be in. It helps in your image building in front of your potential employer. An effective CV may make your skills shine and stand out of the lot. On the other hand, a poorly composed CV may end up in the trash can no matter how much your CGPA was or how good a skill set you possess. This article covers some of the key ingredients to make an Effective CV.effective cv

Ingredients of an Effective CV:

Following are some of the ingredients to make an Effective CV. Please remember that there is not any “one size fits all” formula for CV writing. But most of these are generic ones. So they could be applied to a wide range of conditions. Read on to add flavours to your CV.

1. Correct Spelling:

Use of correct spelling is the most important thing for an Effective CV. Although this should be obvious, but from my experience I have seen that some people overlook this quite often. Spelling mistakes in general may cause your CV to end up in the rejected list. The reason being, employers feel that if a person is making spelling mistakes in a document which he had plenty of time to make, then he is likely to make such blemishes in professional life as well. And nowadays, with the advent of latest word processing software, it is more than easy to check your spellings.

2. Use of Power Words:

Power Words add a strong value to your CV. For example, you want to list your academic achievements and you start every item in the list with “Got 1st Position in so and so”, “got A’s in all subjects” etc. Rather than being repetitive, try to be a bit more creative. Like, you can use “Secured A’s in all subjects”, “Stood 1st in the batch”, “Secured 4.0 CGPA my bachelor’s degree” etc. This way, you can kill the boring style and make your CV more powerful.

3. Focus on Achievements:

Listing your notable achievements with special focus on your role is extremely important. Your potential employer is looking for a person who can achieve something for him. And obviously, as a result, can improve his business. This makes the numbers really important. Even if you are a fresh graduate, then still you can focus on your academic achievements, may be in your thesis, or your project, or any of your internships. This will portray you as a proactive candidate, which every employer loves to have in his team.

4. Keep it Brief and Concise:

Keeping the unnecessary details out and only including things in brief and consice way is the key to an effective CV. Nobody will be interested in reading a four page bulky CV containing lots and lots of side details. Over elaborating your skills and achievements make them look unreal. And this emphasizes the use of power words even more. A good and right on the target power word has more impact than two to three statements. As a general rule, CVs should not be more than two to three pages. And if you are a freshie, then try to wrap it up within two pages.

5. A Good Theme is Essential:

An effective CV is the one which is attractive and presentable as well. A good theme is as important for the CV as aroma and pleasant smell are for food. The first thing which catches the eyes in your CV is the theme and style which you have used. If the theme is clean and easy to read, then it adds a plus point to your CV. An ill-maintained and hotch potch sort of a CV usually sits in the trash. The employer is not going to read the whole CV and then decide on your selection. Rather he may skim only particular sections of his interest to evaluate you. So, keep your CV organised in proper sections. Gather all the relevant data under their correct headings. And don’t make it a mess by mentioning unnecessary and irrelevant stuff here and there.

Ending Notes:

Following the above steps can only make your CV a bit better. But it will not complement to your skills and abilities. Also, get your CV reviewed by your friends and seniors to get their valuable suggestions. It is crucial to note that a great CV does not guarantee you a job. So the key lies in patience and persistence. Wishing you all the best for your career path.

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