Top 10 Best Operating System (OS) Of All Time

The user interface or what we know as operating system. Which helps us to communicate with our devices on a daily basis. In this generation of the world, the place where people interact the most is at the level of Operating systems. Over the years many companies came out with their own custom operating systems but not many were able to flourish. With the speedy technological advancements these days. It is hard for companies to keep up but some companies do it really well. We have picked out Top 10 operating systems of all time for the users which are people-friendly and have loads of features, So you can know about Top 10 Best Operating System.Top 10 Best Operating System (OS) Of All Time

The top best operating system we have come across since the beginning

1.Windows 10 in Top 10 Best Operating System

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As Microsoft describes it windows 10 isn’t just a new version of windows. It’s entirely a new generation of windows with advancements and features like no other. Moving to a model considerably more like Apple’s OS X, Windows 10 will feel significantly more like a consistently refreshed operating system than a windows which is updated every few years.

Key features which earn it the 1st place in the list:

  • It’s free to download
  • Windows Edge
  • Cortana the windows assistant
  • Universal Apps with Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
  • Multi-tasking with task view feature
  • MS Office (updated)
  • High-end security

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Windows XP was released back in 2001. Since then it is still the world’s second most used operating system to date. Last year alone they sold one Billion copies of it. There came many windows before it too but it brought about the revolutionary change. There are many features that were introduced in Windows XP which are still in use on many operating systems to this day. The primary purpose behind the success of Windows XP was its user-friendliness. For surfing the web, the essential program utilizes like Office and the odd obsession of Solitaire, Windows XP was and keeps on being truly a masterpiece of its own.

3. Microsoft DOS

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It is the base of where this all started. Also known as the father of user-friendly operating systems. It all started with Microsoft DOS which laid the concept of loading programs quickly, intuitive functionality, installing device drivers and basically just making everything easier to access then it had ever been before. Although if you’re looking for a graphical operating system this is not the one for you it’s just a black plain screen on which you write codes to perform commands with white colored text.

4. Windows 7

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After the utter failure of windows vista, Microsoft improved a lot in it and cameout with it named as the windows 7. There were a lot of new key features in it. More than 240 million Windows 7 licenses were sold within the first year of the release. At this time it made Windows 7 the fastest selling windows of all time. It was a revised version of windows vista with a lot of potential and in the coming years came out with several versions of it.

Key features that brought it fame:

  • Taskbar
  • The Aero interface
  • Action center
  • Changeable Themes
  • Aero Snap
  • Windows Search

5. Mac OS X

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When it comes to Apple staying up to date and having the latest aesthetics is a point to come across. With the new Apple OS X, it’s a direct challenge to the people over at Microsoft. It’s got all the features and developer options which weren’t there previously and played a major role to the reason why people choose Microsoft over Mac OS. Similarly, now Mac OS can open many types of files only windows gave access to. Apple really has up their game with this one.

6. Linux Mint

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This free, frequently ignored operating system is an appreciated expansion to any best OS list. Secure, simple to utilize, and eventually pretty easy with regards to programming decisions, this spunky operating system has a really nice look and overall design to it like any other successful operating system which you will like exploring. Linux Mint likewise has the qualification of functioning admirably, paying little mind to gadget sort.

7. Andriod OS

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There are only a few companies which have a reach such as that of Google.Obtained by Google in 2005 and released on its first handset in 2008, Android has advanced incredibly in comparison to when it first came out. With superfast controls and solid highlights, it has turned into a real contender in the versatile operating system field.

8. iOS

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Not many hardware and software companies have fine artwork like that of Apple. None of them ever achieved such influence on the computing industry either. The release of their operating system specifically built for the iPhone’s and iPad’s was the game changer in the smartphone industry and still, never fails to surprise everyone with its every day new technologies. iOS blends an almost desktop-like experience with a decisively on-the-go aesthetic.

9. Chrome OS

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Chrome OS is a Google-built Operating System. It is programmed and based on the Linux kernel. Google Chrome is used as the base interface to run this OS.Produced for portable processing through Chromebooks, the Chrome OS is an extraordinary workhorse Operating system with futuristic features, which can amaze a client with its design and simplicity. It boots quick, has cloud usefulness, and email combination, the full scale of the crate.

10. Windows 95

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Released, as one may presume, in 1995, this form of the undeniably prevalent Windows stage was a big jump forward in individualized computing. Brandishing a spic and span easy to use interface that the organization would, in the long run, redesign, and update for a long time, this OS had highlights like the begin menu, which reformed PC interfaces.

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