How to Save Water to Save Life – Tips to Save Water Everyday

Water is the most precious and important resource. Not only for our survival and existence. Rather, it is of utmost importance for the whole ecosystem. And it is threatening to note that we are running out of fresh water more quickly than ever. But, the most sinister aspect is that we are criminally ignorant of its ever increasing scarcity. It is high time that we take our responsibility and save water. For our planet – For water save life

Tips to Save Water:

In order to save water, we first need to know the problem areas. The areas where we are wasting gallons of water carelessly everyday. Some of the following tips should be helpful to reduce the water loss. And if scaled up to national or global level, this could really impact our lives in future.

  • Say Goodbye to Bath Showers:

Estimates say that on average five times more water is wasted while taking bath from running showers as compared to bucket. It means that by just switching off the showers and using a bucket of water, we can save water easily. Take a bucket full of water and try to limit your bathing needs to that. If you need more water, only then refill the bucket. Using this technique, you can save around 20 to 30 liters of water per bath. Still, if showers are unavoidable, then try to limit the wastage as much as you can.

  • Wash Clothes in Bucket:

Some people are in the habit of washing their clothes under running tap. This causes significant amount of water wastage. So, you should never use running tap for washing clothes. Use a bucket of water or washing machine instead. If your maid washes your clothes, ask her to do the same.

  • Do the Same for Cars:

Have you ever got your car washed from a car wash? Then you must have the idea that how much water is consumed to wash your car. Experts suggest that on average a single car wash consumes around 100 liters of water. This is really a huge amount of water. So, if you are really looking forward to save water for your future, then think twice before going for a car wash. Rather, the best way is to use a piece of towel and a bucket full of water to clean your car. Using this method, you can wash your car in around 8 to 10 liters. It means that with bucket method you actually save water by 90% for each wash.

  • Fix leakages:

Leaked pipelines, damaged valves and dripping taps are also a big culprit for unnoticed water loss. If there are any leakages in your house which are contributing to the water wastage slowly and constantly, then please take some responsibility. Fix them and play your part to save water. This may cost you some bucks. but rest assured that it will pay you back fairly in the future.

  • Avoid unnecessary wastage:

Sometimes we can unknowingly and unintentionally waste a large amount of water by bad practices. It is nice to change those habits at the earliest. One of such example is keeping the tap running while applying the shampoo or soap while bathing. Similarly, some people are in the habit of brushing or shaving with the running tap. As a matter of fact, a considerable amount of water goes waste due to such malpractices. So, make it a priority. Immediately turn off the tap whenever you are not using it, no matter how frequently you need to turn on and off the tap.

  • Look for Reusability to Save Water More:

Some of the water in our households may be reused if we properly plan to do so. Obviously, this water is not usable for drinking or cooking purposes. But we can surely use it for various other purposes and it may aid to save water as well. The water from your kitchen sink may be routed to your garden to water the plants. Left over water in buckets may be used to wash cars or motorcycles. Soapy water from washing machines can be used for mopping and cleaning purposes. Similarly, there are a number of areas where we can reuse the water and reduce the burden on the fresh clean water.

  • Spread the Word:

It is important to first play your part to save water. But, ain’t it good if we multiply this effort? Thus, spreading awareness among others is also of utmost importance. If you start saving water, say 10 liters, per day then just imagine how much water we would be saving collectively as a nation. If you tell it to even one of your friends and ask him to do the same, then this may initiate a chain reaction. And now, when social media is on its swing, even your single share on your social media account (like Facebook or WhatsApp), your voice may reach scores of people in no time. So lets play our part now.

Concluding Remarks:

Water scarcity is a real issue which is getting bad to worse. And if we do not do anything today then we may face severe consequences in the near future. The thing in our control is to reduce the wastage of water to a minimum. It is our collective duty to save water for humanity. It is high time that we take some serious actions to conserve this precious resource. Also, please join hands to spread awareness about this alarming issue. Share this post with your friends and family to help the cause.

If you have any brilliant idea to save water, then do share with us in the comments section below.

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