Is It Possible To Rent A Car Without Driving Experience

Car rental business is growing rapidly. Currently, car rental is carried out worldwide. The service is available in most major cities of many countries. If you have been driving for several years, problems with car rental will not arise. However, it is logical that inexperienced drivers do not provide vehicles for temporary use. Let us see if this is true and whether it is possible to rent a car without experience. Do you know if it is Possible To Rent A Car Without Driving a car

Standard Car Rental Requirements

The easiest way to find out the standard requirements of large car rental operators is on the rental cars website. This is a worldwide car rental operator. The company itself does not have a fleet of cars. Therefore, it offers rental car rental partners. To rent a car, you must have:

  • Credit or debit bank card. The company does not accept cash. The amount on the account must cover the franchise – a deposit in case of damage or destruction of the machine. Cars, of course, are insured. The franchise is a part of the funds that the owner pays in case of an accident. It is about the sum of several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the cost of the car. Only embossed (with three-dimensional embossed) cards of the well-known payment systems MasterCard and Visa are accepted.
  • Passports The minimum age of the driver who rents a car is 21 years.
  • Driving license. Minimum driving experience – 2 years.

Why Rental Cars Refuse Drivers Without Experience

Car rental involves making a profit. Profiters usually do not have super profits and are satisfied with the average level of profitability for the region. Companies are not interested in diverting their employees to communicate with insurers and repair cars. Sometimes the distributors agree to pass the car to a driver who has experience of 1 year. But such clients are offered cheap, low-cost cars.

On the contrary, for the rental of prestigious and expensive cars set increased requirements for the tenant. Terms of service can be tightened – as for the length of service of the driver, and for his age. It is impossible to rent a car with experience of less than a year in well-known companies. The reason is that young and inexperienced drivers are more prone to unreasonable risk. Accordingly, such drivers are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents. The price of insurance is included in the rental price, and the deductible will cover the damage caused to the company’s car. The tenant will pay all the damage.

Nevertheless, reputable companies do not want cars with their logo to appear in the chronicles of road accidents. Therefore, they refuse drivers who have experience of less than a year, two, three, or even five years.


Car rental for young drivers who do not have sufficient experience in driving a vehicle is available only in small and not very well-known rental offices. Rental conditions, in this case, will be more burdensome than for experienced motorists.

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