Let Us Reduce Plastic Waste This Year

Plastic waste is a huge burden on our ecosystem. And it is increasing with the passage of time. It is estimated that ever since the plastic use has become widespread, out of the trillions of tons of plastic that have been produced, we have recycled only 10% of them. The remaining 90% end up in oceans, seas and landfills, So Let Us Reduce Plastic Waste This Year.Plastic waste

How to Reduce Plastic Waste

This plastic waste contributes heavily in environmental, air and water pollution. In the current scenario, it is of utmost importance that we play our part to reduce the plastic waste from our planet. Otherwise, this menace could increase to extremely dangerous levels posing serious threat to our overall ecosystem. So, here are some useful suggestions on how to reduce the plastic waste from our end.

1. Avoid using Straws:

Plastic straws are among the most problematic plastic waste. They are not recycled properly. Also, they are life threatening to various marine and land animals. Further, they are not a necessity and can be easily avoided in most cases. So, the best bet is to avoid them as much as possible. Sip your juice and gulp your milk shake directly from the glass. If it is not possible for you to give up on it, then buy a stainless steel or glass straws.

2. Limit your use of Plastic bags:

Plastic bags are another important source of plastic waste. They have become very popular because of their low cost and ease of use. By now, they have got so much integrated in our consumer market that it is not easy to cut them off entirely. But we can surely limit their use. Instead of using plastic bags for groceries and shopping, try to use paper bags. Hand bags made of clothes are also a good alternative. These handbags also have an added advantage of re-usability. But if you have to use plastic bags, then only opt for the biodegradable ones, as they are less of a burden on the ecosystem.

3. Say No to Disposable Cutleries:

Either you are going on a picnic or eating out, you must have come across disposable cutleries. These cutleries have become a common practice in our eateries and local restaurants. Being disposable, they are also your first choice for outing plans. But once used, they are thrown away in the trash. Due to ill-management of solid waste, they finally end up in landfills, sewerage lines or seas and oceans.

These plastic made cutleries are also one of the top contributors in the plastic waste. So, next time when you are planning to go out, then opt for the stainless steel cutleries. In restaurants also, look for the safer alternatives.

4. Use Reusable Bottles/Mugs:

Plastic mineral water bottles and juice cups are also major culprits in plastic pollution. They can be avoided by keeping a handy reusable water bottle or mug. This can save you a few bucks. And on the macro-scale, this saves the world from a lot of plastic waste.

5. Bid Adieu to Chewing Gums:

Most of the chewing gums are made of synthetic rubber or plastic these days. It means that whenever you eat a chewing gum, you actually chew a plastic. So, it is wiser to give up on them. This is not only good for your health, but also good for the planet. As less chewing gums means less plastic waste.


Plastic waste are becoming more and more threatening to our whole ecosystem. It is high time now that we understand and take our responsibility. It is our collective duty to play our part in saving our planet before it is too late. The above discussed suggestions may come handy. But you should always keep your plastic usage under check. Other than that, please make sure that you recycle the plastic as much as you can. Never throw any plastic waste in open drains, road side or sea beaches. Dump it properly. Finally, do whatever it takes to educate others and spread awareness about this issue.

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